Best kitesurfing spots in the world

top 10 kitesurfing spots in the world

We thought we’d bring these 10 amazing places for you, so that you can add these places to your next list of kite surfing spots!.

1. Maui, Hawaii - USA

Maui is one of the birthplaces of kite surfing in Hawaii, USA.
Kite surfing was taken to the mainstream by Maui, after hosting the first ever competition back in 1996. Depending on you expecting either the big waves or strong wings, you can go for kite surfing in year round.

The coastline here extends for more than 120 miles, with over 30 miles of white, black and red sand beaches, making it a top kite surfing destination, filled with warm temperatures , strong winds and cool atmosphere. Best time to ride a kite at the Maui beach is between March and October.

Best kitesurfing spots in the world

2. Tarifa - Spain

Tarifa the Europe’s wind capital is definitely a paradise blessed with 10km of beach, consistent strong winds almost year round and warm water with more than 300 days of sun a year. This is considered as the Europe’s top spot for kite surfing beginners and advanced surfers alike, which is located in southern tip of Spain.

 As this place is very crowded during high season ( from end of June to early September ) and if you wish to beat the crowd, April to June and September to November are the best times for you to enjoy the Tarifa’s vibe.

top 10 kitesurfing spots in the world 

3. La Ventana

La Ventana the UNESCO World Heritage Site, in eastern side of the Baja California, is often considered as a gifted Kite surfing spot with, bright beach, clam turquoise waters and side-shore winds ideal for kite surfers of all the levels. Wind speed is considerably lower in the morning and in evening for beginners, but stronger in the day time so that experts in the kite surfing can head out to the beach.

November to March are the recommended time period for the sport in here. When the sun goes down you can also enjoy good food this tiny village of La Ventana offers.

top 10 kitesurfing spots in the world 

4. Kalpitiya - Sri Lanka

Kalpitiya lagoon is a very untouristic pretty small peninsula with white marble sand, reliable winds, warm tropical water, and several kitespots around, in Puttalam district, North Western province of Sri Lanka which is only 2 hours north of Colombo, best known for its natural environment. However its quite famous among kite surfers even though it’s relatively uncrowded as other beach destinations in the island. 

The lagoon is wide and long enough to accommodate plenty of beginner kite surfers.
Two main kite surfing seasons in Kalpitiya are between May to October and from December through March. When there’s no wind you can do some other activities like scuba diving, dolphin & whale watching or enjoy some tasty food at Kalpitiya.

top 10 kitesurfing spots in the world 

5. Essaouira - Morocco

Essaouira which is mostly known as Morocco’s windy city, is one of the greatest sites for kite surfing, wind surfing and other ocean related sports with spectacular beaches and a great sea, in the western Morocco region on Atlantic coast. Considerably 4km huge sandy beach and the long gentle waves here are great for beginners as well as for experts in the game!.

Best time recommended to go for a tour to Essaouira is in between March and October. As the town is well-developed and Moroccans are really warm-hearted and respectful people, you will find Essaouira is definitely a great place to start-up developing your progress on kite surfing!.

top 10 kitesurfing spots in the world

6. Red Sea - Egypt

When thinking of Egypt what first comes to our minds are pyramids, deserts, Nile cruises and so on. But Egypt’s Red Sea is renowned as world’s one of the best kite surfing destinations in the world. Filled with numerous kiting spots, warm and sunny weather year round, warm water, reliable clean winds, awesome wave spots at Red Sea paradise are waiting here just until you explore them out.

 Safaga, El Gouna, and Soma Bay found near Hurghada are some of the Red Sea’s best kiting spots offering flat water bodies throughout the year which are fantastic for beginner riders to progress. From mid-May to mid-October are the best time to go for a kite surfing tour to Red Sea as the steady wind is up every day.

top 10 kitesurfing spots in the world 

7. Boracay - Philippines

Boracay the tropical island is well-known for its pearl white sand beaches with reliable winds, year round warmth, crystal clear waters and the perfect tropical weather, which is located in Philippines. This is a major go-to destination for Oceanholic beginner kite surfers, who are looking for gentle clam waves and steady onshore winds that are just perfect for them. 

Boracay lagoon is less crowded in the morning as the winds are a bit stronger in that time. It’s recommended to visit here during the dry season, between November and May.

top 10 kitesurfing spots in the world 

8. Mui Ne - Vietnam

Opening up to the South China Sea, Vietnam’s and Asia’s one of the premiere kite surfing locations, Mui Ne is a palm-fringed sandy beach usually packed with kite schools everywhere with riders of all levels from beginners to pros. Mui Ne is so famous among water sports enthusiasts as well as many tourists because of around 230 days of strong winds and tropical weather year round. 

First-timers are advised to kite surf in the morning as the wind tends to get pretty stronger in the afternoon. Between November and March is the best time to go kiting here.

top 10 kitesurfing spots in the world 

9. Cumbuco - Brazil

Cumbuco, the kiting capital of Brazil, is a picturesque fishing village just 40 minutes drive away from Fortaleza.

This place has been discovered by kite surfing experts as a major spot for kite surfing because of its strong constant cross-shore winds, idyllic lagoons and coconut fringed beaches that receive plenty of sunshine all the year round. But beginner riders don’t have to worry as they’re more than welcome in these shallow and flat water lagoons too.

Cumbuco can get pretty much crowded during the day time so its way better to kite here in the early morning or late afternoon. July to end of the December are considered as the best months to go for kite surfing.

top 10 kitesurfing spots in the world 

10. Sotavento - Canary Islands

Sotavento is Fuerteventura’s southern most kite surfing spot with strong summer wind year round, 4km long sandy tropical beach, where the popular Kite & Windsurfing World Tours have been hosted for 30 years (GKA Kite-Surf World Tour destination & the windsurfing PWA World Tours) in Canary Islands. 

This is a perfect location for beginners and they can head to Corralejo while advanced riders who are travelling alone can head further north. May to September are mostly recommended time period for kite surfing here and for stronger winds, head there in winter.

Make sure to add these amazing destinations into your travel bucket list, when planning your next adventure tour, if you wanna spend time enjoying the greatest kite surfing holidays of your life. We hope to bring out many more travelling destinations which will keep you inspired in the future! So stay tuned with us ! Don’t forget to comment the places you find fun to travel..
Safe Travel!.

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