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pennine way united kingdom

The Pennine Way which became the very first National Trail in England on 24th April 1965, is a mountain journey across the spine of England and one of the UK’s best-known and fabulous long-distance walks. Pennine Way united kingdom.

The Pennine Way hiking trail features on the top of the bucket lists of many hikers around the world thanks to its distance, rugged landscapes, some historic attractions and of course as it’s totally exhilarating and adds so much of adventure to your walking journey viewing some stunning countryside of UK.

Walk this iconic trail which stretchers for 268 miles across England’s wild northern uplands ( approximately 431 km ) starting from the rugged northern Derby shire Peak District through the Yorkshire Dales and North umber land National Park and the path running along the Pennine Way hills ends at Kirk Yetholm just inside the Scottish Border on a bit challenging yet rewarding route with remarkable contrasts.

When we dig into the history behind the trail, the original idea for the Pennine Way was first mooted by Mr. Tom Stephenson who worked as a journalist and a rambler as he was inspired by similar trails in United states of America and also he was the first to write the first ever official guidebook to Pennine Way in 1969 for the Daily Herald. The Pennine Way celebrates its 55th anniversary in April 2020.

Pennine WayEven though this trail can be somewhat difficult to some travelers as the route is via the quiet part of the country and there’s a lots of hills, plenty of wild moorland , long rugged distance to walk and the awful weather , as Pennine Way is well served by accommodation providers ( such as Youth hostels, camp sites, B&Bs & pubs ), you don’t need to worry about finding somewhere to place an booking already and can spend leisure time as long as you’re willing to walk on the trail on your holidays.

The best time period to travel the Pennine Way is from April to September of an year. To finish the whole route the entire walk takes around three weeks ( from 13 to 26 days ). But as long as you’ve got the enough degree of fitness, you could finish the route within 14-15 days. The record for the fastest completion of the Pennine Way was first set by Mr. Mike Harley in July 1989. It only took 2 days, 17 hours, 20 minutes and 15 seconds for Mike to complete the route without stopping for a sleep.

Pennine Way trail is usually used by 15,000 long distance walkers and more than 250,000 walkers yearly travel the trail.

This long distance epic walk viewing the wild side of the England will be remained enough for rest of your life and the satisfaction you feel after completing and achieving the walk will be remained as a wonderful lifetime memory & an amazing life changing experience. Hiking the Pennine Way is fabulous and highly recommend to anyone who finds travelling is the healing to your wounds which cleanse your soul..

Pennine Way united kingdom

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