Most beautiful country in the world

Most beautiful country in the world

Today we’re gonna talk about a different topic which is still regarding travelling in a different corner! Is there any specifically unique country with outstanding natural beauty in the world ? The answer is no! Because all these countries together are referred to as the WORLD! But sometimes, some parts of it might look more stunning and magnificent to us more than any other places in the world. So today’s topic is to discuss about the most beautiful country to ever exist in the world ! Most beautiful country in the world .

Most beautiful country in the world This world is literally an amazing place to explore! There are countless number of mind-blowing, soul soothing and mesmerising places in the world just for you to scout! If you’re reading this article at the moment, you need to be a traveller who’s preparing for your next trip looking for the best destination to visit. In this outstandingly amazing world, we have picked a few popular countries according to the travellers choices and listed them in reverse order to the most beautiful country in the world!
kalos irthes stin ELLADA! Greece which is also known as the Hellenic Republic or the Cradle of Western Civilization, is a country located in Southeastern Europe. There are many reasons why Greece is among the top 5 world’s most beautiful countries. This country is a collection of thousands of small islands. Nearly 16,000km of Greece’s coastline with sparkling serene sandy beaches, charming bays never fail to amaze tourists from all over the world. Although Greece is mostly known as a summer destination, we should say you can enjoy all the seasonal holidays in this precious country with plenty of sunlight year round except in winter. Many history lovers find Greece is more than just a holiday destination. It literally is a vast archeological site with more than hundreds of archeological sites, great old temples, theatres,
greece many UNESCO World Heritage Sites along with a history exceeding 5,000 years which attracts thousands of visitors each and every year. This sun-drenched country is also known for its delicious cuisine, great accommodation and warmly welcoming friendly locals. Greece is a diverse country with an amazing array of beautiful scenery along with above mentioned thousands of islands, Alpine lakes, waterfalls, serene wetlands, national parks, mountainous forests and even remnants of volcanoes and etc. Greece has many fascinatingly beautiful places to visit that will leave a life-long impression on for you.

1. Santorini – a volcanic island famous for its dramatic views, scenic sunsets, white cobblestone streets, hotels, cafes and it’s own active volcano

2. Mykonos – stunningly picturesque Cycladic town with tiny streets, whitewashed lanes, sandy beaches, a perfect place for nightlife

3. Parthenon – an old temple one of the most famous Greece tourist attractions which has also been a fortress, a church, a mosque at the same time

4. Delphi Theatre – one of the most important sites in ancient Greek religion

5. Meteora – a collection of 6 monasteries, absolutely breathtaking rock formations. Must visit if you’re in to hiking

6. Myrtos Beach – this beach is world famous for magical colours of its water which is located in the northwestern Kefalornia

7. Samaria Gorge – a national park in Greece, a world’s Biosphere centre, used as a hiking trail, definitely a highlight on your tour to Greece

8. Lindos – known as the most beautiful town on the island of Rhodes that offers beaches for long walks and perfect for swimming

9. Mystras – a town in Greece, UNESCO World Heritage Centre, a famous archeological site where tourists allow to visit

10. Mount Athos – a mountain and a peninsula in northern Greece with 20 monasteries. Monks usually chant psalms here daily since centuries.

The rich history, culture and beautiful coastline of the country have made it one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Every country in this world has something to offer for everyone! Out of the countries we have picked that have been blessed with outstanding and stunning natural landscapes, Canada is the 4th most beautiful country in the world for so many reasons. Step into the world’s second biggest country covering an area of 9.98 million km² along with the longest coastline measuring 202,080 km!

canada This multi cultural country is full of breathtaking natural scenery and wonders, enriching layers of history and idyllic beaches for travellers to explore. Canada is the perfect destination for mountaineers, campers and those who enjoy outdoor activities. For winter sports lovers it’s recommended to visit the country during November to April to experience the sport to the fullest. There are plenty of opportunities for hikers to get out into the wild and actively enjoy its stunning landscapes, if they visit the country in during months of May to September. Canada’s natural beauty is unique around the world, from mountains and glaciers to isolated lakes and forests. Its diverse landscapes never fails to impress travelholic people. Here are the top 10 travelling destinations in Canada you must visit!

1. Niagara Falls – Canada’s most famous natural attraction is a collection of 3 waterfalls namely Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls

2. Banff National Park & the Rocky Mountains – a population destination, which is a good hiking spot with stunning area views of mountains and valleys

3. Toronto’s CN Tower – to get the best view of the town, to have a safe and memorable experience

4. Old Quebec (Vieux-Quebec – a UNESCO World Heritage Site good for evening outings and walks, interesting architecture, and delicious cuisine etc.

5. Whistler – mostly known for its skiing and snowboarding in the winter and hiking and Mt. Biking in the summer

6. Jasper National Park – Canadian Rockies’ biggest national park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for breathtaking sights and a specially for people fund of outdoor activities

7. Abraham Lake – an artificial lake and Alberta’s largest reservoir is a must visit once in your life time

8. Victoria – British Columbia’s capital, consisting of enchanting Butcher Gardens, Rogal BC museum, Fisherman’s Wharf and Beacon Hill Park and etc which are worth exploring

9. Vancouver Seawall – for a most exhilarating bike ride or a walk enjoying the Pacific Ocean sceneries

10. Glacier National Park – National Park in Montana, for hiking trails, mountains, wildlife and waterfalls etc.

Always remember to add this country, the 4th most beautiful country in the world to your travel bucket list.

travel world In third place is New Zealand. It’s an island country, home to around 4.5 million people, in Southwestern Pacific Ocean, near the centre of the water hemisphere. With its spectacular coastal glaciers, snow-capped peaks, sparkling coves, fish-filled rivers, vast plains, volcanic plateaus and high rugged mountains, subtropical forests, and miles of coastline and sparkling sandy beaches, it is no wonder that New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This also best known among people for its indigenous Maori culture, it’s breathtaking fjords and amazing diversity of landscape. Also this is a hot spot for water sports too. From September to November, Spring is the best season to travel in New Zealand. As everybody knows this country is such a cool breeze to travel around..

Here are 10 magnificent travelling destinations you will never want to miss!  

1. Milford Sound – Fiordland National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a heaven for hikers, protects some of the most spectacular scenery in the country

2. Aoraki / Mount Cook – The highest mountain in New Zealand, a population tourist destination which is a challenge for Mt. Climbers.

3. Lake Tekapo & Tongariro National Park – a dual World Heritage Site due to its volcanic features, one of the oldest parks in the world & New Zealand’s largest lake

4. Abel Tasman National Park – New Zealand’s smallest national park and an easily accessible coastal paradise

5. Sky Tower – an icon of Auckland’s sky line for over 20 years

6. Waitomo Glowworm Caves – one of the New Zealand’s world-famous tourist attractions, Black Water Rafting

7. Franz Josef Glacier – one of the main tourist attractions in spectacular Westland Tai Poutini National Park

8. Mount Taranaki – a dormant stratovolcano in the Taranaki region, before you arrive the park you can get beautiful views for afar

9. Piha Beach – popular among surfers and beach lovers, black sand and has a rugged appearance

10. Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa – New Zealand’s national museum provides rich insights into the history and culture of the country

Be sure to visit this absolutely gorgeous country full of friendly locals and excellent cuisine ever as it’s well worth visiting.

Italy is the second most beautiful country in the world, and, it’s no wonder! Italy, also known as Bel ‘Paese meaning ‘a beautiful country’ is indeed a vibrant, overwhelmingly impressive country with a rich cultural inheritance and located in south-central Europe, surrounded by several small islands. This a one of the safest countries to travel than both UK and US as the nation’s violent crime rate is generally low. Italy is just amazingly gorgeous with rolling hills, and cliffside vistas, incredible architecture which spans more that 3000 years back, history, art, literature, opera, fashion, delicious Italian foods, tasty wines and friendly locals. In terms of cultural depth, no other European country has as much to offer as Italy.

italy This charming little European country is home to world’s highest number of UNESCO Heritage Sites. Spring (April to June) or fall (September and October) is a good time to visit Italy due to nice weather, moderate temperatures, lower chargers, fewer crowds and most importantly eye pleasing views. Italy have never failed at enticing international visitors from around the world.

Now let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful places in Italy to book your next vacation to.. 

1. Florence – Capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, also home to many renaissance architecture and art in Italy

2. San Gimignano – Italian hill town, known as the Town of Fine Towers, famous for its unique medieval architecture that preserves about a dozen towers

3. Lake Garda – largest lake in Itlay, known for its crystal clear water and a popular holiday destination

4. Positano – a cliff side village, a little beach town, famous for its colorful buildings, excellent restaurants with delicious cuisine

5. Venice – known as the ‘city of water’ is a city built over 117 islands on water is a must visit for those who travel to Italy and love history and art with a touch of modernism

6. Capri – an island in Italy, dramatic stretch of coastline peppered with grandiose villas

7. Puglia – one of Europe’s great agricultural areas and known for its hundreds of kilometers long Mediterranean coastline among visitors

8. Cinque Terre – a coastal area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a very beautiful National Park in Italy attracting millions of tourists every year.

9. Verona – it’s a gorgeous and romantic medieval town with a remarkable number of monuments

10. Sorrento – coastal town in southwestern Italy overlooking the Bay of Naples, is a popular tourist destination

We’re 100% sure you’ll be amazed at the sheer beauty of this fabulous country which is the 2nd most beautiful country in the world.

The most beautiful country in the world! Scotland has constantly been voted as the most beautiful country in the world by beating out world’s other prime beauties like Canada, Italy and New Zealand! Scotland’s beauty lies in its wild beaches, romantic castles, rugged landscapes and dramatic scenery. So one should be surprised as Scotland is often referred to as the world’s most beautiful country!
scotland This heaven one earth is home to hundreds of magical locations and plenty of gems to explore in each region all over the country. Fascinating castles and lochs, ancient Caledonian landscapes, tropical islands, wild cliffs, windswept moors, picturesque villages, green glens all offer a natural beauty that is worth exploring. Best time to visit Scotland is from late March to May in the Spring. Summer is also fine as chances for rain are relatively low and the temperature is more suitable for exploring the highlands and so on.

Here are 10 beautiful places to travel in Scotland we think you’ll love exploring! 

1. Edinburgh Castle – Historic fortress in Edinburgh, Scotland, is collection of buildings, and a long and important history. Well-worth a visit

2. Loch Ness – a large, deep, lake, freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands

3. Royal Mile – a succession of streets in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town

4. Loch Lomond – enchantingly beautiful lake in southern Scotland, a part of the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park

5. Palace of Holyroodhouse – Palace in Edinburgh, Scotland is an amazing place which is worth a visit for sightseeing

6. Ben Nevis – highest mountain in the British Isles, most popular among hikers and climbers

7. Urquhart Castle – Castle in Scotland, Quaintly set, overlooking the beautiful Loch Ness

8. Arthur’s Seat – Arthur’s Seat is located in Holyrood Park, at the end of the Royal Mile, is a extinct volcano

9. Stirling Castle – Castle in Stirling, Scotland for Stunning views, amazing chambers and the interior and exterior of this castle is even more better, definitely worth a visit

10. National Museum of Scotland – everything is engagingly presented. A wonderful array of Scottish history, technology, crafts, natural history

You’ll find views that take your breath away once you visit Scotland, the most beautiful country in the world!

Most beautiful country in the world

Most beautiful country in the world

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