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Kandy Sri Lanka
Kandy Sri Lanka

Kandy Sri Lanka , which is also known as the city of Senkadagalapura, the historical and the cultural capital in Sri Lanka, as well as the last capital of ancient kings’ era of Ceylon, is one of the most popular religiously valuable, beautiful and interesting spots to make a visit. Many of the backpackers heading towards hill country area of Nuwara Eliya and Ella often stop by in Kandy as Kandy indeed worth a visit. 

Kandy is the capital of the central province and is located 115km away from the seaport of Colomboin the middle of the hills on the Kandy Plateau. With a population of 125,400 residents this becomes the second largest city in Sri Lanka.

The kingdom of Kandy has been known by various names for centuries such as Senkadagala or Senkadagalapura, Kanda Uda rata ( meaning the land on the Mt. ) , Maha Nuwara ( meaning the Great City or capital ) and etc. Kandy was first found by the Vikramabahu III lived in 1357–1374 AD who was then the monarch of the kingdom of Gampaha and named it as Senkadagalapura.

Kandy is best known for beautiful temples, scenic gardens and national reserves. The kandy plateau which is surrounded by couple of mountains is a biodiversity hotspot and a land rich of biodiversity and home to the tae plantations in the area. Kandy is the home to the famous pilgrimage site , later listed as a UNESCO World Heritage due to the importance and spiritual significance of this most sacred Buddhist shrine, ‘ The Temple of the Tooth Relic ‘(the sacred tooth of the Buddha). 

This relic played an important role in politics of ancient ceylon as it was believed that whoever hold the relic would rule the country. This became a World Heritage Site due to the Buddhist Temple ‘Sri Dalada Maligawa’ ( Sinhala: ශ්‍රී දළදා මාළිගාව ). It is located in an old royal palace complex which was found and completed by King Vimaladharmasuriya I of Kandy Sri Lanka in 1595.

The iconic man-made Kandy lake, as many know the Bogambara Lake or ‘ Kiri Muhuda’ ( meaning ‘the sea of milk’ ) is in the heart of the City. The city of Kandy is often renowned for one of the oldest and grandest festivals in Sri Lanka ‘The Kandy Esala Perahara’ ( the Sri Dalada Perahara procession of Kandy ) held annually in July and August months.

The Royal botanical gardens, Peradeniya which attracts over 2 millions visitors annually is a major tourist destination in Kandy. It’s renowned for thousands of orchid species, full of wonderful trees, shrubs and plants received from different parts of the world, with a total garden area of 147 acres. 

This was found around 1750. Royal botanical gardens is a year round destination. Entrance ticket is around $10 for tourists and gardens are impressively beautiful which definitely worth a visit for those who are Flora lovers.

Some of the other sites you must visit on your tour to Kandy, Sri Lanka are Udawatta Kele Sanctuary which is a forest to explore for hikers and wild life viewers. Bahirawakanda Vihara Buddha Statue is a huge temple in a scenic environment with eye-catching views. The National museum of Kandy which is situated next to Temple of the tooth Relic is quiet an interesting place for history lovers.
You also can explore the market streets of old Kandy town located in between Dalada Veediya Rd. and Colombo Street including some worth checking sites such as the Giragama Walawwa (former royal building) in Kandy, the historic Red Mosque of Kandy and the colourful Kataragama Devalaya Hindu temple. You can also to take a walk around the Kandy lake which was built by last Kandy ruler King Sri Wikrama Rajasinghe.
One of the most modern commercial complex along with a shopping mall is ‘ The Kandy City Centre’ in Dalada Veediya, Kandy. This is consisting of several major banks , supermarkets, bookshops, restaurants, an entertainment zone, flora and an ayurveda site and etc.

To explore the most popular recognizable sights in Kandy one day is enough. But if you plan to discover more than just temples and museums in the city we recommend spending 2 or 3 days maximum. The weather is quite dry and pleasant during the months of December to April. So be sure to visit Kandy during the above mentioned time.

This beautiful city best known for spirituality and laid-back charm, is really peaceful and charming destination to visit. kandy sri lanka

kandy sri lanka

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