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Hiking which an outdoor activity of going for long distance walks, on trails or footpaths, especially in natural environments, in rural areas or simply across the mountains or countryside, is one of the most health beneficial hobbies in the world that anyone could choose to adopt!. mountain hiking.

 The very first idea of taking a walk along the countryside for pleasure, emerged and developed in the 18th century. This activity, which is a natural exercise to the human body, is very popular among those with sedentary occupations as well as among the aged people, who are qualified with enough fitness. 

However studies have proven that the hiking community is comparably wide in accordance with the age, occupation, experience and fitness level. The reason why hiking is way more harder, requires more effort than walking and differs from it is, the trail is more complicated as you’re moving from lower to a higher place.

Hiking process is basically divided into 3 main parts as ,

▪︎Equipping and
▪︎Hiking itself

First, a hiker should find or get suitable suggestions from experienced hikers, a place to hike. It is a must, examining more information into the chosen trail on its climate, weather, landscape, type of ground, animals and so on.

Then the hiker should decide and arrange the tools that he needs. If you’re a person who forgets things easily, then we recommend you listing out all the needs on your trail, on a paper. Equipment that a hiker must carry with him on his trails depends on variety of reasons. 

Day hikers usually pack their food with enough water, keep a map and rain-proof gear with them , and wears sturdy hiking boots. But modern-day hikers have been switched to trail running shoes instead of hiking boots. A compass, trekking poles, pair of shades, sunscreen, a flashlight, a first aid kit, a fire starter, a knife, a hat, gloves, insect repellent and an emergency blanket are some of the essential equipment that have been recommended for this outdoor activity by “The Mountaineers Club”.

 You also can use a GPS tracker instead of taking a guide with you on your trail. If you want to spend bunch of money on hiking gadgets, you can totally do that by adding above mentioned items into your backpack! But if you already have shoes on and have a snickers bar and a water bottle with you, you can still go on hiking without spending dollars on those gadgets as long as you’ve got the enough fitness with you.


You should pay more attention on your own safety as hiking can quickly become a fight for anyone’s life at anytime. So nobody should hike alone until he or she has more confidence in their mountaineering abilities. Simply to be perfectly safe, a traveler should have enough experience.

Hiking is almost meditative! Awesome! and Cool!.

People who love jungle treks are definitely nature lovers! Engaging in this activity will bring a lot to your life. Being out in nature is really good for one’s mind and body. Not only to lower your stress levels by overcoming depression, anxiety and to improve mood but also to be physically healthier, it helps a lot.

 Lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels, body fat and lower the risk of getting heart diseases, diabetes and obesity are some of the health benefits people gain from hiking. This helps to improve the ability to think creatively and to build the human spirit as well. So no wonder why the half of the global population loves hiking and find it as interesting.!

If you also find traveling and outdoor activities are fun and excited and if you’re interested in nature and breathtaking sceneries, then there’s a huge chance that you might start to love hiking!.

mountain hiking

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