China Tourist Attractions 2020

China Tourist Attractions

China is an East Asian country with the world’s most population. While Beijing being the capital of China, Shanghai is the largest city. China is an eye catching country with a lot of marvelous places. With a massive unfolded royal history of thousands of years. It itself is an eye candy to tourists. China is the most visited country in the world, after US, France, and Spain with 56.9 million international tourists per year. china tourist attractions.

It is a safe country to travel around, and most people you meet are friendly, kind and honest. China is a pole of attraction for tourism. The reason is the vastness of the territory, about twenty times the land of Germany which allows treasuring a great landscape and climatic diversity. Tourism itself flies here once the world get to know about China and its people.

If you have not been to China, you must be wondering about how beautiful this country is. So this is your time!. Let me take you to a different world. I’ll show you top 5 most wonderful places in china you must visit.

china tourist attractions

1) The Great Wall - Beijing, China

China’s must visited place, the great wall, a miraculous creation. The longest wall in the world, the iconic symbol of China. It’s a marvelous wonder created by ancient architectures. It also takes a major place in ‘the seven wonders of the world’.

The wall is created in between China’s western frontier and the east coast. But the best preserved sections are close to Beijing.

It has a lot of amazing sceneries from the beaches of Qinhuangdao, to rugged mountains around Beijing.  The Great Wall has a history of more than 2,300 years since its construction. The official length of the great wall is 21,19618km. Hiking is the most popular thing to do in here. But beside from that you can do night walks, camping, picnics with a great view etc.

The great wall of China is a must visit place in if you plan to tour around China, then don’t forget to visit this amazing Great Wall!.

china tourist attractions

2) The Terracotta Army museum - Xi'an, China

This is one of the greatest archeological discovers of the 20th century which is a largest discoveries of it’s kind. We can say it is the eighth miracle or the eighth wonder of the world. For more than 2,000 years, the terracotta army has laid underground. There are about 8,000 human size models represent the army that triumphed over all other Chinese armies in the warring states period.

You should take a closer look at the army. Amazingly, no two figures are exactly alike. You will be amazed at the subtle craftsmanship. Each worrier has really unique facial features. Infantry, generals, archers and cavalry, vary in their expressions and attire. And there are more terracotta figures to come. Terracotta Army is a world famous creation and always crowded with a large number of visitors.

china tourist attractions

3) The Forbidden City in Beijin-Imperial place for 24 Emperors.

China’s most magnificent palace which is situated in the capital of the city of Beijing. Once upon a time, it was a ‘palace’ city where no ordinary people had permission to enter. It was forbidden for them. It consists over 8000 rooms with golden roofs. The palace is sophisticatedly designed and painted in red and yellow. It has more than 90 palace quarters and courtyards, and 980 buildings. It considered as one of the five most important palaces in the world.
Don’t forget to visit Jingshan Park, where you can enjoy a hilltop view of the whole Forbidden City. Thus us one of the most popular single-site tourist attractions in China which is a must visit, after the forbidden city. Due to its majestic city and unique beauty, Forbidden City is extremely popular among tourists. china tourist attractions

4 ) The Bund - Shanghai, China

Shanghai is the largest yet breath taking city, exudes an atmosphere of self-confidence. It has more-modern highlights which are unique and magnificent. This shows that China is not only famous for ancient places and imperial but also modern highlights which can attract people’s eyes. 

The Bund is on the top of the list of things to see in Shanghai without any single doubt. Classic skyline views of colonial architecture and skyscrapers display a spectacular view. To add more, the 500m wide Huangpu River brings another beauty to the city.

china tourist attractions

5) The Li River in Guilin

You can say that this is the China’s most celebrated scenery. A place for painters, nature lovers and poets. Specially for photographers. A breath taking view. If you’re seeking for a place for natural beauty, then this is the best place. Steep cliffs, farming villages, and bamboo groves are giving a spectacular view for the river landscape. This river is recognized as one of the ‘world’s top ten watery wonders’. Many famous figures have visited this place for numerous times. china tourist attractions

china tourist attractions

So if you’re planning to travel, make sure to pay attention to this amazing city!. We promise, you won’t regret!. Hope to see you again with more travelling destinations in the future. So stay tuned with us!. Don’t forget to comment the places you find fun to travel.

Safe travel! 

china tourist attractions

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