Cheapest countries to visit in Asia

Cheapest countries to visit in Asia

If you plan to visit Asian countries on a budget, we thought of listing out top 5 amazing destinations in Asia at very low-cost per person. cheapest countries to visit in Asia.

By being the largest continent in the world and home to 45 countries, Asia is one of the most favorite destinations for backpackers which can be easily navigated, offering plenty of diversity, amazing UNESCO Heritage Sites,
outstanding and exceptional landscapes out there in the world.

Some of the few remarkable sites to see in local landscapes are, Forests, beaches, mountains, rivers, lakes, Islands, deserts and more.

This most popular travelling destination is one of the cheapest to travel in the world ! So this is for those who are excited to explore the budget friendly travelling destinations to visit in Asia !.

1. Indonesia

Cheapest countries to visit in Asia
Having the 15th largest economy in the world by GPD counts, Indonesia is classified as a newly industrialized country. This affordable place with the budget on your hand is unpredictably rich of wonderfully scenic natural landscapes, blended so well with the cultural traditions of its people. Indonesia is one of the most budget- friendly countries to in Southeast Asia. You can enjoy the idyllic beaches, blue flame spewing volcanoes, gorgeous lakes, remote rainforests and many more pleasing destinations including some historic sites and magnificent city skylines throughout the country. From countless stops that makes Indonesia a unique and a wonderful place to visit, we’ll be listing out some of the most popular destinations we recommend for travelers to must visit.

1. Bali – an island with resorts ane religious sites

2. Ubud – a monkey forest , an arts museum and some temples can be seen

3. Jakarta – the capital of Indonesia where you can explore the National museum

4. Kuta – a busy surf-town with crowds at beach all time and good place to spend a          night

5. Denpasar – with scenic views you can make visit to the Sanur beach , Bali museum  and some iconic temples

6. Gili Islands – rich of natural coral reefs and sea turtles in Mentigi beach

7. Kintamani – well-known for volcanoes, mountains, lakes and good place for               cycling

8. Komodo – a protected island which is home to large sized lizards

9. Yogyakarta – a scenic Javanese town with the Sultan’s palace

10. Lovina beach – a brown sand beach known for dolphin watching

11. Lake Toba – a volcanic lake for scientific views

12. Flores – an island with a volcano good for diving and more

13. Semarang – an old port city with Dutch colonial heritages

14. Bunaken – a national marine park and a diving spot

15. Bromo Tengger Semeru park – a national park around Mt. Bromo volcano and         many eye-catching places including,

Raja Ampat
, Borobudur and Prambanan temples, Komodo dragon island, etc.

cheapest countries to visit in Asia

Indonesia a country which is amazing is simply a whole world to discover… and one of the cheapest countries to visit in Asia in western standards.

Best time to visit : during May, June and September.

Budget : $30 per day (if you use public transportation then you’ll find travelling in Indonesia literally is cheap).

Cheapest countries to visit in Asia

Sri Lanka the pearl of the Indian Ocean, is a highly expected backpacker budget friendly tourist destination. Sri Lanka has a rich Buddhist culture along with many places and monuments that attracts tourists from all over the world.

This popular destination which is full of UNESCO World Heritage Sites with its outstanding beauty, ancient ruins of different kings eras, lush green gardens, mind-blowing landscapes, amazing wildlife and rich cultural heritages, is genuinely a safe place to visit.

Sri Lanka has always been a dreamy place for nature lovers,
which is in the top of the list of budget traveller’s destinations.

Some of the headlines attractions just like going on safaris, getting admission to UNESCO heritage sites here are a known for their relatively higher costs ranging in between $30 – $45. So if you don’t pay for these expensive kind of activities, you can save up your wallet for many other visit worthy sites. From $5 – $10 will be enough to have a tummy full yummy meals per day here. 

You will need $8 – $15 to spend a day at a guest house or a hostel. Best choice is always choosing public transportation. Having a train ride or a getting a bus will actually cost nothing in between $2 – $3. Hiring a tuktuk or a private car will cost a bit high but it’s still fair in comparison to renting a bike.

Feel free to enjoy the stunning scenery in the downtown coastal area and cultural cities for free.

Here are some of the must visit tourist attractions in Sri Lanka…

1. Colombo – this is the capital city and the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, with the oceanside promenade Galleface Green, the National museum which is the largest among the museums here, Lotus Tower, Gangaramaya and Kelaniya Temples, Independence Square, Viharamahadevi Park, Beira Lake and more

2. Sigiriya – a citadel, an ancient fortress complex which is also a palace in the heart of the island

3. Kandy – home to the most religious Buddhist shrine, the Temple of the tooth in the hill country area of Sri Lanka and famous Peradeniya Botanical Gardens, Horton Plains, National Museum with Kandyan era’s artifacts, beautiful Kandy lake and more

4. Nuwara Eliya – Sri Lankan highland city with coldest climate where the scenic Lake Gregory, Victo Park, Hakgala Botanical Gardens, Lover’s leap Waterfall, Galway’s Land National Park, Moon Plains with sweeping views and native wildlife etc can be seen

5. Galle – a coastal city famous for Galle Fort and Lighthouse & National Maritime Museum

6. Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa – Both are ancient cities with Buddhist ruins and stone built temples and white moonstone pagodas

7. Dambulla – Dambulla Buddhist Royal Cave Temple and Golden Temple and for good safaris

8. Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa – some of the best beaches in the island with great surf worthy waves and natural coral reefs viewing

9. Sinharaja Forest Reserve – a protected low land green forest habitat which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Some of the other tourist attractions here are,

Trincomalee, Yala and Udawalawe National Parks, Wilpaththu and Minneriya National Parks, Weligama & Mirissa popular surfing spots , Kitulgala for water rafting adventures activities, Matale, Haputhale, Kalutara Bodhiya Temple, Batticaloa
and many more.

cheapest countries to visit in Asia

Sri Lanka’s astonishing high biodiversity makes it an ideal holiday destination for those who are extreme nature lovers..

Best time to visit : between the months of December to mid-April (don’t mid the peak season, best attractions and the coldest weather conditions are in these months).

Budget : travelers are informed to have a daily budget of approximately around $30 – $35 in hand.

3. India

Cheapest countries to visit in Asia

India, a huge diverse country is one of the cheapest countries to travel in Asia as well as in the world. India is the 2nd most populous country and the 7th largest by the land in the world. 

Having the second largest network of roads in the world, India will take you with its all mind-blowing, fascinating elements that will impress your eyes.

India is rich from scenic beaches, worth trekking mountains, oldest world-famous architecture, historic monuments, delicious foods and more.

Taking about budget travelling in India, do not plan your trip through online booking and agent guidance. You can do it by yourself so that money in your wallet won’t be wasted. A daily meal would cost up to $3 here. For accommodation, cheap Dorms and guest houses will range from $8 – $10. Keep in mind to use the public transportation as much as you can you it literally costs nothing like $1 – $3. India is such a cheap country which offers you many travel worthy, remarkable sites to visit.

Let’s find out what are our most favourite destinations India..

1. New Delhi – India’s capital city with valuble historic monuments from different eras such as Mughal-era Red Fort, Jama Masjid mosque, Baha’i Lotus Temple and some national monuments along the Rajpath

2. Goa – yound and energetic youth’s one of the favourite to visit, the official party hub is Goa. Palolem beach, Goa Velha, Panaji, Calangute & Anjuna beaches, Margao church and some colonial architectural buildings to see

3. Agra – visit Agra for iconic Taj Mahal mausoleum & Agra Fort

4. Jaipur – scenic ‘Pink City’ and 18th century observatory

5. Varanasi – Sacred Ganges River city with some 2,000 Hindu & Buddhist temples and Ramnagar Fort

6. Kolkata – colonial historical buildings and Mother Teresa’s tomb

7. Puducherry – Indian town with a paradise beach best known for French Quarter and seaside promenade

8. Munnar – Indian hill town with beautiful waterfalls, a national park to visit and Nallathanni tae museum

9. Udaipur – one of the most romantic cities in India, a famed city of lakes and palaces

10. Karnataka – Hampi is not surprisingly one of the top tourist attractions here. Captivating ruins of the last capital of kingdom of Hindu’s in the Vijayanagar can be found here

11. Madurai – this is best of South Indian culture can be seen here

12. Maharashtra – ancient, inspiring, hand-carved into hillside rock the Ajantha and Ellora caves are also a must visit.

cheapest countries to visit in Asia

There are many more places worth visiting in this country full of dramatic landscapes, scenic vistas, delicious food, and adventurous activities. For a budget traveler, not all of these places can be visited in a short period of time. But there are extensive number of crowd pleasing destinations waiting to the unraveled. So don’t wait more! Plan your own budget tour to India and explore the country!

Best time to visit : between October and March as country is largely warm and dry.

Budget : approximately $35 per day for a person.

4. Vietnam

Cheapest countries to visit in Asia

Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia which is extremely safe, exotic, compelling and one of the most popular backpacking destinations for travellers on a budget. It’s worth planning a trip to Vietnam, if you wanna go through epic Indonesian foods, locales, lands with staggering natural beauty, dynamic mega cities, thousands of small limestone islands, mountains, caves, rivers and lakes, and so on.

Vietnam which is known as the budget backpacker’s paradise because of some facts like the long distance public transportation being wallet-friendly, having cheapest beer in the world, having cheap private beds and dorms for rent, delicious low-cost local food that would impress foreign travellers and etc.

Vietnam is among the countries that has fastest growing tourist destinations in Asia as well as in the world welcoming over 12.9 million visitors in 2017.

There’re tons of worth visit fascinating destinations with remarkable beauty where thousands of unforgettable memories can be collected.

Some of them are as follows…  

1. Halong Bay – a World Heritage Site, and dozens of small limestone Islands of the coast are covered with a tropical forest, and also a good spot for diving and climbing.

2. Hanoi – Vietnamese capital city and home to Bach Ma temple, neoclassical Hanoi Opera House and Đồng Xuân Market which are some eye-catching tourist attractions

3. Hội An – an old coastal city known for historic ancient town, beaches, delicious foods and a museum of Ceramics

4. Hue – former capital of Nguyen Dynasty which is home to an old citadel built in 19th century, Imperial city, Thien Mu Pagoda, Mausoleum of Emperor Khai Dinh, Trang Tien the vibrant Bridge and many other pagodas & temples

5. Sa Pa – a mountain town good for trekking & climbing Phang Xi Pang peak, Mường Hoa Valley and for gorgeous waterfalls viewing etc

6. Ninh Bình – a city full of old pagodas, caves which is best for cycling for backpackers

7. Chàm Islands – Quiet islands with white sandy beaches & good for coral reefs viewing, swimming & kayaking

8. Dalat – a French colonial resort town with some worth visiting highlights like Đà Lạt Cathedral, lakes and Pongour Falls

9. Phong Nha – a place which is home to world’s largest caves

10. Ha Giang Province – an amazing mountain region with picturesque scenery

cheapest countries to visit in Asia

When visiting Vietnam we recommend spending at least 2 weeks exploring the country focusing on country’s north and the center or center and the south.

Most of you will only be reaching to popular tourist attractive areas like Ha Long Bay and Sa Pa but this huge country is literally blessed with many less-viewed iconic landscapes.

Best time to visit : this is a year round destination so there’s no any perfect time to visit. But during the spring ( March – April ) as all days are mostly pleasant with moderate temperatures & light rainfall, it’s typically the best time to visit this adventure hot spot, Vietnam.

Budget : this can be vary from $10 – $25 per day for a person which is an easily affordable price.

5. Nepal


Originating from descendants of migrants from Tibet, India, Burma, Yunnan and some other traces, along with indigenous people, Nepalese have become a multicultural and multiethnic nation.

This is a perfect hiking destination by being home to 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world. So this has been very popular among many backpackers as general cost of living is comparably low making it one the cheapest countries to visit in Asia. If you can avoid mountaineering tours with organized guidance and you can do it alone or in conjunction with other travelers, it would be a good tip to save money.

Many believe Lord Buddha’s birthplace is in Nepal and some people yearly make visit to this holy place eventhough some true historic facts says that Load Buddha’s origin goes to Sri Lanka which is known as the pearl of Indian Ocean.

Food here is pretty cheap as a meal in a budget restaurant won’t cost more than $1.8 – $20. Bus fair is also cheap so make sure to use public transportation methods. Budget for a dorm room ane a guest house private room can be vary from $5 – $10. Since Nepal is majorly about hiking and trekking, cost for these activities can slightly get higher for around like $20. But as everyday in Nepal is not a trekking day, you’ll save up money in your wallet.

Here are list of some worth visiting places in Nepal… 

1. Kathmandu – Capital city of the country, home to bustling Darbur Square, plus many Buddhist & Hindu temples & shrine including Swayambhunath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple, Hanuman Dhoka Durbar, Bhouda Stupa and many more

2. Pokhara – Nepalese city, with Phewa Lake & Tal Barahi Temple & known as a gateway to the Annapurna Circuit

3. Annapurna – a mountain range in Himalayas region for trekking

4. Nagarkot – Village in Nepal known for its views of the Himalayas, plus trails & nearby Changunarayan temple

5. Lalitpur – home to temples, Buddhist monuments, museums including Patan Durbar Square, Patan museum, Hiranya Varna Mahavihar, Krishna Mandir, Pushupathinath temple, Bhimsen temple etc.

6. Chitwan National Park – a great place for wild life viewing

7. Namche Bazar, Ghode Pani, Lukla, Lang Tang – for hiking, climbing, forest exploring and etc.

8. Lumbini – the place known as the birth place of Siddhartha Gauthama, Lord Buddha which is a pilgrimage town and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

cheapest countries to visit in Asia

Nepal is generally a safe country to travel because of the religious nature of the country and people being really warm-hearted and kind.

Best time to visit : between October and December and the skies are more clearer these times and you can get spectacular views.

Budget : between $25 – $30 per day for a person.

cheapest countries to visit in Asia

– Make sure to add these 5 amazing cheapest destinations to your next budget tour and enjoy it to the fullest! –

Safe travel~ 

cheapest countries to visit in Asia

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