Cheap places to travel in Europe

cheap places to travel

Europe, the second smallest of the world’s continents with an area of 10,180,000km² (3,930,000 square miles), and third largest in population of 740 million, is located entirely in the Northern Hemisphere. This continent is a home to 50 countries and it welcomes more than 480 million international tourists per year. cheap places to travel.

If we had to list up the most beautiful places to visit in Europe, we would be speechless as there are countless number of precious countries that are worth visiting. Even though part of Europe can be a bit hard to travel on a budget, there are also cheapest countries and regions to travel in the continent where you can manage to save your hard-earned Euros depending on your travel style! 

Cheapest Countries to visit in Europe Obviously the climate makes Europe the best to travel! It’s not very hot there as the rain in Europe always sweeps the dust away. Once you entered to this beautiful dreamland, you will find there’s no other place like it in the world! 

Breathtaking natural sceneries, fabulous monuments, verdant mountain ranges, lush countryside, crystalline beaches, with hundreds of UNESCO World Heritage Sites make the Europe looking even more beautiful destination to visit!.

So let’s find out what are the top 5 cheapest countries to visit in Europe!

Cheap places to travel in europe

1. Romania


Romania, a country in Southeastern Europe is the 9th largest country in the Europe with a total area of 238,397 km². Bucharest is the capital city and the commercial capital here. Romania is a country full of medieval castles with royal sights, Gothic churches, fascinatingly colourful old towns, lots of natural parks and so many unique attractions over the mountainside with several UNESCO World Heritage Sites!.

When exploring the lush countryside, you’ll feel like you’re walking in a museum of historical evidences in enigmatic landscapes of beautiful Romania. Due to this it’s varied panoramic landscapes Romania is known as the most bio-geographically diverse country in the European Continent. 

romania Most importantly, Romania is one of the most affordable destinations for budget travelers and is relatively inexpensive. 

We recommend taking public transportation methods for rides in the city as much as you can as they actually cost nothing when comparing to US rates. 

If you go dining out in Romania, many restaurants also have prepared lunch menus for like $4 and you’ll notice that it is easier to rely on street food which is almost all about pork dishes, if you’re going on a low-budget trip. 

Among all the picturesque attractions in here, now let’s find out the recommended places that travellers must visit on their tour to Romania~

1. Sighisoara – located in Transylvania a beautiful preserved walled town.
2. Bran Castle – a historic museum in Bran, Romania
3. Bucharest – capital of Romania. The largest parliament building in the world can be seen here
4. Peles Castle – elaborately decorated, fairytale-like Romanian royal palace in Sinaia
5. Merry Cemetery – Cemetery in Săpânța, Maramureș, Romania with hand painted epitaphs
6. Piata Mare – a tourist attraction in Sibiu, Romania
7. Biertan Fortified Church – a UNESCO World Heritage Church in Berethalom, Romania
8. Transylvanian Alps – mountain range in Romania
9. Salina Turda – a Salt Mine in Turda, Romania is a spectacular tourist destination to visit
10. Sucevita Monastery – a beautiful monastery from outside as well as from inside which is worth visiting
11. Corvin Castle – 15th century castle and a historic museum
12. Poiana Brasov – popular Romanian ski resort in the same name of neighbourhood is in here
13. Danube Delta – Europe’s 2nd largest river delta
14. Black Church – a massive Lutheran church named for long-ago fire
15. Cetatea Râșnov – Historic fortress in Râșnov, Romania with walking paths

These places are the best out of Romania’s tourist attractions. Make sure to add these up to your travel budget list!

Best time to visit : mid-May through mid-September.

Budget : this can be vary from $35-$40 per day.

cheap places to travel in Europe 

2. Bulgaria


Bulgaria which is famous as the oldest country in Europe is a very safe country to travel located in Eastern Europe. The capital and the largest city in here is Sofia. With soul-stirring mountains and marble golden beaches this is more than just a beach destination.

This is a such a fascinating country to visit with a diverse nature, enchanting ruins, gorgeous architecture, mighty castles, ancient monasteries and delicious cuisine. This place is well-known for its Black sea coastline which stretches through sandy marble beaches with so many beach restaurants, some historical sites and fishing villages.
You’ll surely be captivated by the unique charming beauty of Bulgaria. 

bulgaria Doesn’t matter what time you visit the country you can find a good deal on accommodations, food, entertainment and there’s a lot more to explore once you get into travelling. No wonder why Bulgaria tops up 4 years in row as the Europe’s cheapest destination for travellers!

Although you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry you still can afford accommodations with the money in your hands and another great tip to save money is dining out or looking for accommodations which offere you breakfast together in the room rate.  

Let’s find out what are our most favourite destinations in Bulgaria~

1. Rila Monastery – important historic and cultural monument, an architectural icon founded in 10th century.
2. Old Nessebar – charming old Nessebar town offers an open-air museum, pretty squares, churches, cobbled streets, monuments from Roman and Byzantine eras can be seen here
3. Pirin National Park – many different type of rare animals species are present. This area is home for 70 glacial lakes, old forests, soaring peaks and ridges etc
4. Plovdiv Roman Theater – one of the world best preserved theatres discovered in 1960s
5. Sunny Beach – crystalline sandy beach filled with many beach resorts and a perfect place for swimmers
6. Tsarevets Fortress – Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
7. Thracian Tomb of Sveshtari – discovered in 1982 a museum in Bulgaria and a world-famous UNESCO World Heritage Site
8. Vitosha Mountain – the ancient Scomius or Scombrus, is a mountain in Bulgaria
9. Buzludzha Monument – Monument House of the Bulgarian Communist Party is a cool place to visit
10. Koprivshtitsa – historic town, a peaceful, touristy place
in the Koprivshtitsa Municipality in central Bulgaria

This Europe’s amazing cheapest summer holiday destination is a must see on your trip to Europe.

Best time to visit : During summer months between June and September.

Budget : cost around $35-$50.

cheap places to travel in Europe 

Portugal is a beautiful country, a great vacation destination in Iberian peninsula in Southwestern Europe. This is also one of the oldest countries in European region and a must visit tourist destination with something for everyone.

If you’re looking for pristine surf-friendly beaches, captivating old towns with tilted buildings, cobblestone villages, medieval castles, museums, stunning architecture and world-renowned delicious cuisine especially the street food and tasty wines, then make sure to add Portugal to your travel itinerary.

This fabulous country welcomes more than 16 million tourists each year! Portugal is also famous for its melancholic Fado music and It’s surprisingly one of the cheapest countries in Western Europe to travel!.

top 10 travel destinations Portugal is known for having a Mediterranean climate which generally means warm hot summers and moderately humid winters as a whole but But there may be minor changes in some other parts of the country.

When talking about budget travelling in Portugal, accommodation here is respectively cheap including the food. Backpacking budget of around $45 per day on your vacation is possible.

According to the Global Peace Index, Portugal is the 3rd safest country to visit in the world. 

Make sure to visit these amazing places listed below on your trip to Portugal~

1. Pena National Palace – almost a fairytale castle built combining Moorish and Manueline architectural styles in 19th century, sitting in the top of the hill Sintra, can be seen clearly from Lisbon
2. Belem Tower – the Tower of St. Vincent built in 16th century, a famous tourist destination
3. Praia da Marinha – one of the most beautiful beaches in Atlantic coast region in Portugal
4. Cais da Ribeira – a picturesque district in Porto with medieval architectural buildings, streets, cafes, restaurants etc
5. Obidos Castle – impressive structure in a small town of Obidos dating back to Roman period built by Moors in 8th century.
6. Sao Jorge Castle – one of the top tourist attractions in Lisbon
7. Cabo Girao – located in south coast of Madeira sitting above at 560 metres higher is often referred to as the highest cliff in Europe
8. Capela dos Ossos – created by 16th century monks. The interior of this chapel was decorated using bones and this is a part of Gothic church St. Francis
9. University of Coimbra – one of the oldest universities in Europe, the largest university in Poland which established in 1290
10. Alcobaca Monastery – Roman Catholic Monastery in central Portugal

Best time to visit : best time of the year to visit Portugal is in the spring season starting from February or in early autumn from September to October. (Weather is not too hot or too cold which is ideal for sightseeing)

Budget : cost around $40-$50. 

cheap places to travel in Europe 

4. Greece


Greece officially the Hellenic Republic, located in Southeastern Europe is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.

No need to wonder why Greece is added to the cheapest destinations in the world for travelling. It’s depending on where you wish to go and what you wanna do! Although there’s ability to enjoy fancy dinners at five star hotels, you can still travel through Greece on a budget. Greece has a Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine year round except in winter. You can have a nice vacation along with wonderful cuisine, great accommodation, good music with friendly locals. 

greece Exploring the nature in this sun-drenched European country shows how an amazing array of biodiversity along with over thousands of Islands, sandy beaches, Alpine lakes, waterfalls, serene wetlands, national parks, mountainous forests and even remnants of volcanoes can give a lot of beauty to a small country. Greek culture has always been alive with passionate music, delicious foods among tourism world.

Greece isn’t only about islands obviously. It’s also popular among history lovers as this beautiful country’s legendary history has had a huge influence on today’s world in many aspects. With greek destinations being so wide in diverse range, it leaves life-long impression on travellers. 

Here are some overlooked beauty spots to visit in Greece on your tour~

1. Santorini – a volcanic island famous for its dramatic views, scenic sunsets, white cobblestone streets, hotels, cafes and it’s own active volcano
2. Parthenon – an old temple one of the most famous Greece tourist attractions which has also been a fortress, a church, a mosque at the same time.
3. Mykonos – stunningly picturesque Cycladic town with tiny streets, whitewashed lanes, sandy beaches, a good place for nightlife
4. Meteora – a collection of six monasteries
5. Delphi Theatre – one of the most important sites in ancient Greek religion
6. Myrtos Beach – this beach is world famous for magical colours of its water which is located in the northwestern Kefalornia
7. Samaria Gorge – a national park in Greece, a world’s Biosphere centre, used as a hiking trail, definitely a highlight on your tour to Greece
8. Lindos – known as the most beautiful town on the island of Rhodes that offers beaches for long walks and perfect for swimming
9. Mystras – a town in Greece, UNESCO World Heritage Centre, a famous archeological site where tourists allow to visit
10. Mount Athos – a mountain and a peninsula in northern Greece with 20 monasteries. Monks usually chant psalms here daily since centuries.

Make sure to add these amazing beautiful panoramic places to your travel bucket list!

Best time to visit : late April to early November because of good sunny weather.

Budget : $45-$65 per day.

cheap places to travel in Europe 

5. Poland


Poland is a fantastic budget-friendly destination of people from all around the world, located in Central Europe. Poland is generally a safe country to visit with lovely polish people around.

This beautiful country is highly ranked on the list of safest countries and tourism in Poland directly affects the country’s economy as well as global’s. Poland is a full of cheap places to explore while travelling. There’s much more
that Poland has to offer to international travelers other than historical cities of Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk and Wroclaw.

Poland is a diversified country which is surprisingly beautiful with lush greenery lands, mountains, picturesque cities, lakes, rivers, marble crystalline beaches, wild forests and many more. Most of the museums (run by government) and buildings in Poland are free of charge to visit and country’s top attractions are reasonably cheap.  

poland Poland has hot summers, crisp, sunny autumns and cold winters. As during spring and autumn, the weather is just pleasant for roaming, it’s recommended as best time to visit Poland. But as Poland is a year round destination it depends on what time of year you would like to visit the country.

If you don’t prefer too much crowd and hoping to keep your costs down for accommodations and foods, then visiting the country during the off peak season is recommended. 

Now let’s find out what are the travel worthy destinations in Poland~

1. Krakow – One of the oldest cities in Poland known for its stunning medieval architecture. This is home to around 40 urban parks and 28 museums which are must visits
2. Warsaw – an old town of ruins, home to over 60 museums of arts and history. Lazienki Palace here is a highlighted place to visit
3. Tatra Mountains – this is a large park spreading over 270km in polish side forming a natural border between Slovakia and Poland. Rysy the Poland’s highest mountain, waterfalls, over 600 caves, streams, mountain lakes including Morskie Oko can be seen here
4. Wroclaw – in the city of Wroclaw Lubomirski Museum, Wroclaw City Museum, Main Market Square, St. Elizabeth’s Church, Old Town Hall, Pan Tadeusz Museum can be seen here
5. Bialowieza Forest Reserve – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a bird-watching paradise covering an area of over 1,400 km². There’s a small village of Bialowieza, the Museum of wooden Architecture present here
6. Gdansk – largest city in northern Poland home to St. Mary Church the largest brick church in the world and famous for Royal Road that Polish kings traveled when observing the historical city.
7. Poznan – known as an academic centre and home to Poland’s 3rd largest university. Malta International Theatre Festival takes place in here during summer
8. Ojcow – a tiny village which is the gateway to Ojcow National Park with over 400 caves, towering limestone cliffs, 2 river valleys, 500 species of butterfly can observe in the park. Polands most famous hiking train, the Trail of the Eagle’s Nests in also in here
9. Zalipie Village – a tiny village best known for the folksy flower paintings in the buildings of area. The House of the Women Painters is the most stunning one here.
10. Torun – one of the oldest cities in Poland where medieval Central Marketplace and many Gothic houses, Muzeum Piernika, wood-beam 16th century buildings and Torun’s 13th-century Teutonic castle can be seen here Astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus was born in here.

Best time to travel : during spring (March to May) and fall (September to November)

Budget : $30-$40 per day

Make sure to add these 5 amazing cheapest destinations in Europe to your next budget tour and enjoy it to the fullest! – Safe travel~

Cheap places to travel in europe

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