Best places to visit in United States

best places to visit in united states

The United States of America is a country of 52 states, mostly located in central north America. While Washington being the capital of US, New York is the largest city. Us is in this vast area that you’ll find an unbelievable diverse array of natural wonderlands, cityscapes, people and cultures. best places to visit in united states.

From the tropical islands of Hawaii to the desert landscapes as well as the multicultural cities such as Chicago and New York, you’ll never be stuck for destinations to discover. And most importantly this is the dream city of every film makers. Not only filmmakers but also the world wide fans of Hollywood films. World biggest and the oldest film industry.

1. New York City

Best places to visit in united states

This city is so special because of its district neighborhoods which themselves make up integral parts of New York city. Time square is the busiest pedestrian area located in Manhattan. It is famous for its enormous electrified ads creating a surreal neon atmosphere. Time square is a commercial interaction tourist destination, entertainment center and the most well known recognizable neighborhood. Billboards, flagship stores, infamous characters live in this magnificent city. Broadway theatre also stands in this city. 

It’s also home for the world famous New year’s Eve Bell Drop. Don’t miss the Oculus, an impressive terminal station on the PATH. And the unforgettable statue of Liberty stands proudly in this enormous city New York. And also do not forget about the spectacular skyscrapers which stand to scream the pride of US!.

New York city is home to hundreds of parks and recreation areas. You can spend your leisure time in these greenery areas. New York city holds 50 million visitors annually on its busiest day. So hurry to join the crowd!.

2. Grand Canyon

Best places to visit in united states

The grand canyon is an awe inspiring place that offers much more than just a look at the deep ten mile wide gorge of multicolored rock.

It is a home for historical landmarks, native culture and wild lives.

The south rim of the canyon situated in Arizona is the most popular among tourists. You’ll find the Grand canyon national park with an iconic wide sweeping outlook and walking trails.

Beyond the rock layers of the canyon is a masterpiece. Waterfalls and unique rock formations that can only be accessed via the Colorado river. To add more, there’s also the man-made water body of lake Powell to see.

The most popular is the rainbow bridge. One of the largest natural bridges in the world. Standing over 290 feet tall. This sand stone art is considered as holy and responsible for creating clouds, rainbows and rain.

Another special area is antelope canyon. It has become a bucket list item for travelers. It is a sand stone formation known locally as a slot canyon. Loosely resembling a cave without a roof. It has a dreamy landscape with vibrant colors.

Don’t forget to bind this in to your bucket list of traveling!.

3. Yosemite

Best places to visit in united states

This is one of America’s greatest masterpiece. Yosemite national park sits on the western slopes of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. It also catches a special place in nation’s soul.

Yosemite is managed by the national park service and covers almost 1200 square miles.

Most of the visitors spend their time in Yosemite valley which is opened year around. This valley consists of more jaw dropping sceneries than just about any other place on earth. As you get in the Yosemite valley ring road from west, it’s worth to explore the Tunnel view.

And also there’s the celestial mist of Bridal veil fall and the rising majesty of Half dome beckons you deeper into the valley.

4. Yellowstone

Best places to visit in united states

Yellowstone was the world’s first national park and now hosts over four million adventures each year. The moment you step in to this vast park, you’ll know it was worth to give your precious time.

With endless green prairies, magnificent mountain ranges, and wild lives, Yellowstone is the best of US’s wilderness. This is a big gift package for the nature lovers. So get ready to tour around a land untouched by humanity.

Yellowstone sits atop of a slumbering super volcano which is said to have violently erupted over 60,000 years ago. One of the best place to witness the geothermal activity gurgling beneath Yellowstone is at Grand prismatic spring. You can admire the vivid pool from afar but don’t get any ideas about jumping in to those springs. Because the steaming water can reach near the boiling point.

Yellowstone lake is the heart of the park. Lush forests, rivers and lakes sit on this park majestically.

5. Glacier national park

Best places to visit in united states

Glacier national park is wild in every sense of the word. Jagged peak, alpine glaciers, glistening water falls and wild lives that greets you at every time. There isn’t another place like this on planet earth.

The view of the lake McDonald perfectly encapsulated glacier at ten miles long. This lake is the example for how glaciers sculpted this park.

There are 25 glaciers including Jackson glacier.
Nothing beats the vertical drop offs of going to the Sun Road which something of as the best drive in America.

You can witness the spectacle of birdwoman falls. At the same time, there’s weeping wall.

The park’s dryer eastern side is where the mountains melt into the great plains and they are pretty awesome.

The view from the shores of St. Mary lake looks almost like a painting. And there are more and more beautiful jaw dropping things to see in this glacier park. If you ever wanted to come to this park, don’t be hesitate.

best places to visit in united states

Make sure to visit these amazing places in your next tour to US and spend some quality time enjoying the US vibe!, We hope to bring many more travelling destinations to keep you inspired!. So stay tune with us!, Don’t forget to comment down the places which you find fun to travel!.

Have a safe trip!

best places to visit in united states

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