Best places to visit in Switzerland

best places to visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the world’s most beautiful places to make a visit to. It is the Alps’ land, the supplier of fine chocolate and the Red Cross’ birthplace. You can always rely on a stunning, pristine lake to add a touch of magic to every picture. And you indeed have your fair share to choose from while you live in Switzerland. The country is, in truth, home to more than 7,000 lakes. Although Lake Geneva, located to the west, is without a doubt your best-known lagoon, if you are in the broad Swiss countryside, you will have no difficulty finding your private lagoon. Best Places to visit in Switzerland


Switzerland is one of the highest countries in Europe, with much of the Alpine region. In particular, precisely 208 Swiss mountains are extending beyond 3,000 meters. These include the iconic Matterhorn, which can be seen on the bars of the famous Toblerone brand of Swiss chocolate.

Best Places to visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is worth visiting because of its lovely scenery and enchanting natural beauty. Let’s have a look at the most popular places to visit in Switzerland.

Here we go!

1. Swiss Alp Mountains

Everything about the Swiss Alps that you probably have ever heard is right! It is such a fantastic destination that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. This Alpine area of Switzerland offers unique scenery designed to create lifetime memories, from the jagged, sky-high peaks to the lush valleys that seemingly go on forever to the quaint medieval mountain towns overlooking stunning lakes and rivers. Spend some time hiking or skiing the mountain trails when you’re not admiring your surroundings.

2. Zurich


Zurich is where the spectacular Swiss meadows, alpine trees, mighty Alps, and pristine mountain lakes conjure up pictures of majestic and unspoiled beauty. In the Old and New Town regions, the city is forked into two by the Zurich River.

Here you can find the largest clock tower in the world and the shopping street among the most exclusive and expensive shopping destinations globally. Zurich has a beautifully balanced cultural heritage with the latest in modernity, home to over 50 museums, art galleries, theatres and the world’s most beautiful library. It has some of the most spectacular parks, promenades along the riverside, hilly vantage points, ideal for a dream Swiss holiday.

3. Lake Oeschinen

Lake Oeschinen

Located in Switzerland’s Kander Valley, this beautiful, pristine lake is fed by three surrounding mountains of glacial brooks. It is a lovely and peaceful place where lovers of nature come to swim, paddle, climb and ride the 3.5-kilometre long toboggan run that travels from the lake to the gondola station in winter.

The local area is also known for its rich flora and fauna—orchids, gentians, edelweiss, and pasture herds of sheep and cows call this place home.

4. Geneva


Located in the valley on Switzerland’s western edge, Geneva is a serene environment for a slow-paced holiday. Its cobblestones are lined with cafes and independent shops, while luxury brands and elegant restaurants cover the more cosmopolitan stretches of the area. Plush seating berets are conducted inside the Victoria Hall by patrons as world-class orchestras. Even fine dining is considered an art. But Geneva can also make you sweat, despite all the luxury-all everyday activities are sailing on the lake, walking or jogging in the parks and skiing down the nearby slopes of Mont Blanc.

In a nutshell

Switzerland has fantastic places which are all worth visiting. The best time to visit Switzerland is during the shoulder season, between April to June and September to October of every year. Don’t forget to add this land of beauty, the Switzerland to your travel bucket list! Happy Traveling!

Best Places to visit in Switzerland

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