Best places to visit in Portugal

best places to visit in Portugal

Portugal, the oldest nation state on the Iberian Peninsula lying along the 800km of enticing Atlantic Ocean coastline, is an enchanting diverse country in Southwestern Europe. With a population of 10.3 million, Portugal covers an area of 92,212 km². It is now one of the best value destinations on the European Continent due to its gloriously sandy beaches, lively beach resorts, idyllic climate, dazzling cities, spectacular national parks, dramatic mountain sceneries, affordable travel costs along with outstandingly exceptional attractions. 

-Best places to visit in Portugal-.


This historic country is a collection of monuments and ancient buildings, many of which have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. According to the Global Peace Index, Portugal is ranked as the 3rd safest country to visit in the world, which is a good news for travelholics! Most importantly, Portuguese locals being so open, friendly and hospitable, make travelers spend some more time travelling over the country and it is well worth it. Among the top-rated places, let’s find out the 10 most outstandingly beautiful, best places to visit in Portugal.

1. Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital and the largest city of Portugal. Made up of various neighborhoods, Lisbon is one of Europe’s most alluring cities that has a whole array of eye-catching places worth visiting. Set on the banks of the River Tagus, you’re going to love how stunning and charismatic the city of Lisbon is.

The capital, Lisbon, is one of only two Portuguese cities to be recognized as a global city with a population of about 3 million in the city. It is not only a major economic center of the continent but also a world-renowned city for its importance in the areas of media, entertainment, arts, international trade, education and tourism. This is the 9th most visited city in the Southern Europe which attracts a significant number of tourists each year. Although, Lisbon is rich in architecture and monuments, due to the 1755 Lisbon earthquake, several historic buildings and monuments were destroyed in large part.

Lisbon Constructions in the theme of Romanesque, Gothic, Manueline, Baroque, modern and postmodern that would never fail to attract visitors, can be found throughout the city of Lisbon. Lisbon provides good transportation for their natives as well as for foreign visitors. Explore gothic cathedrals, historic monuments, world-class museums, impressive bridges, narrow lanes with vintage trams and beautiful backgrounds in Lisbon, as well as wander through verdant parks and gardens, wonderful restaurants where traditional fudo music in the air, fancy shopping malls, colorful Alfresco coffee bars, never to be missed on a tour to Lisbon.

If you’re looking for some of the best views in the city, I suggest you to take a close look at these perfect locations that are guaranteed to have a gorgeous view.

1. St. George’s Castle – fascinating archeological site and engaging museums here make this castle a rewarding experience to the Lisbon visitors.
2. Jerónimos monastery – a UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the major tourist attractions and a great landmark in Portugal.
3. The Lisbon Oceanarium – one of the largest and the finest aquariums in the world as well as in Europe.
4. Museu Calouste Gulbenkian – a museum complex which is named after Sarkis Gulbenkian, an Armenian oil magnate. This place is a Priceless Collection of Western and Eastern Art.
5. Torre de Belém – a historic Tower, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is built near the river Tagus is an iconic monument in the history of Portugal.
6. The National Museum of Ancient Art – this is also a ‘must see’ museum complex in the city of Lisbon.
7. Museu Nacional do Azulejo – this National Tile museum is Housed within the church ‘Convento da Madre de Deus’ is worth seeking out as it has got a vibrant collection of decorative tiles.
8. Miradouro da Senhora do Monte – for incredible panoramic views at the highest point in the city of Lisbon.
9. Elevador de Santa Justa – a neo-Gothic elevator which is also a panoramic viewpoint is a best option if you love heights.


Be sure to visit above listed places on your tour to Lisbon, Portugal.

Best time to visit : During the months of March to May or September to October for bearable warm weather, lower rates and fewer crowds.

Budget : $114 per day on your tour to Lisbon

-Best places to visit in Portugal-

2. Porto


Porto, also known as Oporto, the Portugal’s second largest city sits in north of the country with an area of 2,395 km² and Porto’s population is totalling over 1.7 million inhabitants in the entire metropolitan area making it one of the major urban areas in Iberian Peninsula. This picturesque coastal city has been named as the ‘Best European Destination’ three times in 2012,2014, and 2017! It is obvious that Porto is one of the most popular cities to visit in Europe right now..

porto This is a year-round destination with a stunning weather known for its picturesque Douro River, complete with six stately bridges which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and world-famous port wine production. Have you ever enjoyed a glass of delicious and luxurious port wine? Those who have tried port wine once in their lifetime will know how deliciously taste that heavenly wines are. Also endowed with robust granite architecture, amazing Beaux Arts & Baroque churches, narrow cobbled streets, palaces, Neoclassical buildings and other buildings scattered around the city. You’re so eager to meet Porto the beauty at the moment, aren’t we wrong ?

Surprisingly, Porto being one of the wettest cities in Portugal has never failed to attract the attention of all the tourists visiting Portugal. In the summer time temperatures are a bit higher but still bearable and the nearest beaches will help you to cool down. But if you’re a lover of cool weather, the fall bring lower temperatures that’ll impress you throughout the tour.

Although Porto can get crowded at some times, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Now let’s find out some of the best tourist attractions in Porto that you shouldn’t miss on your tour to Portugal!

1. Torre dos Clérigos – 75 meter tall tower, a central landmark in the city where you can get breathtaking panoramic of the river, the coastline and good views over the city.

2. Dom Luis | Bridge – above the river Douro, built by Gustave Eiffel, by far the best place to watch the entire city and amazing sunsets

3. Igreja de São Francisco – one of the most prominent Gothic monument in Porto, in the historic centre of the city declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO

4. Cais da Ribeira – a must visit beautiful place before you die. This has the most beautiful streets in the world.

5. Porto (Sé) Cathedral – one of the famous and oldest historical landmarks in the city of Porto and an interesting touristic place to visit.

6. Soares dos Reis National Museum – Portugal’s one of the best arts museums with a beautiful collection of paintings by Portuguese artists, even the interior of the building is so attractive.

7. World of Discoveries – an interactive history museum in Porto about all the Portuguese discoveries.

8. Porto Wine Cellars – a mustn’t miss from Porto historical city. When you visit Porto’s historical centre don’t forget to enjoy a glass of one of the most appreciated, delicious wines in the world.

9. Livraria Lello – can define as the world’s most beautiful bookshop, it’s an Old fashioned bookstore with beautiful architecture! You’ll definitely love it.

10. Serra do Pilar – Truly a must see place while visiting Porto, an incredible historical monastery for great views. Worth a climb!

best places to travel in the world

Remember the add the above beautiful destinations to your travel itinerary~

Best time to visit : During the months of May/June (late spring) to September (early autumn) when the weather is sunny and bearable.

Budget : $114 per day on your vacation in Porto

-Best places to visit in Portugal-

3. Sintra


Would you love to spend a day exploring the enchanting city of Sintra, which lies just 30 km northwest of Lisbon? Come, Let’s talk more deeply about Sintra.

Sintra so spelled Cintra, is a town in western Portugal. It has always been the perfect summer destination for the King of Portugal, because of its surroundings and cool air. It’s pretty easy to reach Sintra from the capital Lisbon as it takes only a few minutes and spend a day or 2 day trip at Sintra. Sintra is picturesquely located at the foot of the dramatic mountain of Serra de Sintra. Also this region has some of the most beautiful castles in all of European Continent. 

Referred to as ” the most blessed spot on the whole inhabitable globe. ” by an English author Robert Southey, Sintra is chock-filled with a heap of natural and cultural sites and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. Some of the city’s attractions include 19th century romanticist architecture, historically valuable estates and villas, gardens, royal palaces and medieval castles etc.

Those who have visited Sintra once in their lifetime would tell you about the sites here that are just too beautiful to miss and how hard It’s not to fall in love with this captivating town! Especially if you’re already in Lisbon!

Here is our list of top attractions in Sintra that you must visit! 

1. Sintra National Palace – situated right in the heart of Sintra, this Palace which looks glorious from inside out is now a Historic House Museum.

2. Castelo dos Mouros – 8th-century Medieval castle in Sintra. This place is excellent and highly recommended. Climb worth a visit.

3. Pena Palace – very unique palace, and it’s definitely a must-go if you visit Sintra, Portugal. A picturesque and impressive castle where everyone from all ages can enjoy.

4. Parque de Pena – situated in the Pena Palace, a gorgeous place to visit.

5. Quinta da Regaleira – classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, a palace complex, located near the historic centre of Sintra. The whole garden there is spacious and so beautiful to wander around.

6. Monserrate Palace – one of the most unique palaces with the influence of Gothic, Arabic and Indian architecture in Sintra. It has a stunning garden complex. This is never to be missed if you’re in Sintra.

7. News Museum – an interesting and informative museum in the city, built using the latest technology.

8. Convento dos Capuchos – an authentic religious monastery located in the heart of the Sara de Sintera National Park.

9. Palácio de Seteais – Seteais Palace built-in 18th century for a Dutch diplomat, is a elegantly designed outstanding palace complex which worths a visit.

best places to travel in the world With all the cultural and historical richness of the region, Sintra is one of the most enchanting places in Portugal to visit for both locals and foreigners.

Best time to visit : Spring and the early autumn is the best time to visit Sintra when the weather is a bit warmer. Winters and summers can also be pleasant only if you can bear the relevant cold and heat. Overall we can conclude that Sintra is a year-round destination.

Budget : $77 per day on your vacation in Sintra

-Best places to visit in Portugal-

4. Madeira


Madeira, also known as the “Floating Garden of the Atlantic” is a beautiful Island which is one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal. Madeira’s capital is Funchal and it’s located 968km southwest of Lisbon at the southern coast of the main island. Despite its small size, Madeira is simply the heaven on earth! When it comes to holiday making, this geographically dramatic, enchantingly diverse, sub-tropical place has been repeatedly voted as the best island destination in the world so far.

best places to travel in the world There are endless reasons why Madeira is a must visit! This beautiful island’s long coastline offers you gorgeous sandy beaches lapped by blue ocean waves along with pebbles, crystal clear water, natural pools, and a lot of enjoyable sea activities such as swimming, diving, whale & dolphin watching etc. The region is well-noted for its historic churches, fortresses, museums, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, lush parks, enchanting forests, spectacular ocean views, Madeira wines and so on.

Take a look at the below listed must visit places in this Madeira island.!!

1. Monte Palace Tropical Garden – well-maintained botanical garden complex with Japanese Gardens, Waterfalls, Sculptures and Exotic Plants well worth a visit.

2. Porto Moniz Natural Swimming Pools – a scenic point with natural pools formed by volcanic rocks, on the north-western tip of Madeira.

3. Praia da Calheta – one of the few sandy beaches located near the town Calheta, on the island of Madeira.

4. Prazeres – one of the most picturesque villages on the island Madeira.

5. Jardim do Mar – Jardim do Mar, literally the garden of the island surrounded by the sea, is the Madeira’s meeting point of international surfing community.

6. Paul Do Mar – a fishing village that is popular among many tourists who explore the island of Madeira.

7. Parque Florestal das Queimadas – The Queimadas Forest Park is a fantastic place with outstanding scenery to explore in Madeira.

8. São Vicente – a gorgeous town with many natural sights such as Matiota, Cape Verde, Monte Verde, Cultural centre of Mindelo and so on.

9. Machico – a historic city on the east coast of Madeira Island with sites such as, praia de machico, Levada dos Maroços, Vereda do Larano and so on.


Madeira Island is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Portugal, Europe that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Best time to visit : Madeira has a mediterranean climate year-round so you can go visit there whenever you’re free. But if you visit Madeira in April to October, you get the chance to see whale and dolphin.

Budget : $92 per day on your vacation in Madeira.

-Best places to visit in Portugal-

5. Algarve

Located in southern Portugal, Algarve is one of the cheapest, culturally rich destinations in Europe. This beautiful coastal region covers an area of 4,997 km² and has a population of 451,006. Out of the best places to visit in Portugal, Algarve always comes in the top 5 destinations.

Algarve The region enjoys a sunny Mediterranean climate all year round, along with the 150km of pristine coastline stretching with the stunning golden beaches to ever exist. People in here being extremely friendly and hospitable, fabulous cuisine and affordable costs make the Algarve one of most popular tourist destinations in Portugal. The sparkling city of Algarve is filled with picturesque towns, delights of cobbled streets, gorgeous beaches & secret coves, historic sites and monuments, trails for mountaineering, hiking & biking, flower-clad hills and many more. 

For more sightseeing ideas, let’s explore top five travelling destinations on your next tour to Algarve.!

1. Faro – the capital city of Algarve, an old historic town which is also the largest and the gateway for many tourists arriving southern Portugal.

2. Albufeira – can call the tourist capital of Algarve, this city is a home for gorgeous sandy beaches, even though this place lacks in much history, it’s a major tourist attractions in the region.

3. Carvoeiro – a former fishing village, which later became a tourist destination, can be seen here with its sparkling beaches, impressive Algar Seko rocks and ancient palace ruins.

4. Tavira island – a famous spot known for its historical legacy and the land being set on the both sides of the gorgeous river River Gilão, with scenic white-sand beaches with crystal clear waters, is a must visit place.

5. Ponta da Piedade – Scenic rock formations and a famous boat tour spot among travelholics.

6. Cape St. Vincent – Portugal’s most southwesterly point, so attractive and recommend to visit in evening during the sun sets.

7. Vilamoura – known for its large marina, golf courses and casino, and for sandy Vilamoura Beach, is also a fantastic tourist center.

8. Silves – was the ancient capital of Algarve, is one if the most accessible traditional Portuguese towns and so delightful. Worth visiting.


Be sure to visit above listed places on your tour to Algarve, Portugal.

Best time to visit : Late April to early June or mid-September to late October are the best times to visit the Algarve.

Budget : $158 per day on your vacation in Algarve

-Best places to visit in Portugal-

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