Best places to visit in Greece

best places to visit in Greece

kalos irthes stin ELLADA! , If you’re planning a trip to Europe, be sure to add Greece, a country of beautiful contradictions, as a key destination, located in southeastern Europe! There are so many reasons why you should visit this spectacular land of beauty. -Best places to visit in Greece-

Greece is a collection of thousands of small islands with an endless variety of landscapes. This sun-drenched European country is mostly known as a summer destination, which is among the top 5 most beautiful countries in the world!.

best places to visit in greece Greece is known for being the cradle of Western Civilisation, its astoundingly rich ancient history, tradition, cuisine and etc. Not only from those, but also from rugged snow-capped mountains, amazingly magnificent temples, many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, whitewashed villages, to sparkling serene sandy beaches, turquoise waters, charming bays, serene wetlands, green valleys, lush forests, Greece can satisfy every travelers needs to the fullest!.

Greece normally expects plenty of sunlight year-round except in winter. history lovers find Greece is more than just a holiday destination! We suggest spending at least 7 days in Greece as Greece is definitely worth it! Here’s a closer look at the Best Places to visit in Greece!.

1. Santorini

A windswept, volcanic island located between Ios and Anafi islands, that is famous for its dramatic views, scenic sunsets in In Oia & Imerovigli, white cobblestone streets, the strange white aubergine, hotels, cafes and its own active volcano. Santorini welcomes over 2 million tourists annually.
There are so many things you can try out on your tour to Santorini. take boat tours of the volcano, go wine tasting, walk out to Skaros Rock, walk from Fira to Oia and explore the cities, go see Ammoudi Bay, visit the red, white and black sand beaches, enjoy the view from Profit Ilias are some of the best things to do in Santorini!.

2. Mykonos

One of the famous Greek islands for its great nightlife. This is also located picturesquely in the Cycladic region of the beautiful Aegean Sea. Mykonos offers gorgeous sandy beaches, beautiful nature, whitewashed lanes, stunningly picturesque Cycladic town with tiny streets, delicious Greek cuisine, and a chic lifestyle. Some of the must see spots in Mykonos are, Alefkandra (Little Venice), Delos Archaeological Museum, Mykonos Windmills, Matogianni Street, Church of Panagia Paraportiani, Archaeological Museum of Mykonos, Rarity Gallery and so on.

3. Parthenon

an old temple dedicated by the Athenians to Athena Parthenos, one of the most famous Greece tourist attractions which has also been a fortress, a church, a mosque at the same time. This magnificent creation of Athenian democracy has been an iconic monument of Greek history for centuries.

4. Delphi Theatre

Delphi Theatre with the temple of Apollo in the background, is one of the most important sites in ancient Greek religion. This sanctuary was built in 4th century BC and dedicated to the Greek god Apollo. This brilliant place with a superb museum and large variety of historic buildings has always been able to take visitors back 200 years!.

5. Meteora

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, a collection of 6 monasteries including some dating back to 14th century, absolutely breathtaking rock formations that welcomes thousands of tourists every year. Must visit if you’re in to hiking.

6. Myrtos Beach

One of the best beaches in Greece which is world-famous for magical colours of its water which is located in the northwestern Kefalornia. You can spend time here by Checking Out the Myrtos Beach Viewpoints, exploring caves, catching amazing sunsets and etc.

7. Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge
A national park in Greece since 1962, a world’s Biosphere centre, one of the Europe’s longest trekking gorge which is not difficult, but very long, is definitely a majestic must-visit destination for all those who visit the stunning Greece. This is a place which looks wild and beautiful at the same time that never fails to impress visitors from all over the world!

8. Lindos


A small seaside picturesque town on the island of Rhodes known for its clifftop acropolis. Sandy beaches for long walks, perfect spots for swimming, old monuments and buildings, artefacts, White houses contrasting with the blue sea are never fails to leave an amazing impression on Lindos visitors. 

Spend time enjoying the peace at Lindos beach, taste Lindos cuisine, explore Acropolis of Lindos, Church of Panagia, Monument of Ioanni Zigdi, get a panoramic view of Lindos town with plenty of other sights to explore throughout your visit to Lindos, Greece

-Best places to visit in Greece-

The country’s unique light, the endless blue color of Greece, rich history, culture and beautiful coastline of the country have made it one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Best time to visit : Late April to Early November for plenty of sunny days that aren’t too hot.

Budget : 45-65 USD per day on your tour to Greece

Make sure to add these amazing places into your list of next travelling destinations! We hope to bring out many more travelling destinations which will keep you inspired in the future! So stay tuned with us ! Don’t forget to comment the places you find fun to travel..
Safe Travel!

-Best places to visit in Greece- 

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