Best places to visit in Austria

best places to visit in Austria

Being tucked in between the soaring Alps, Austria is a very popular and a perfect destination for skiing and hiking with a whole lot of idyllic stunning scenery to soak up in. This enchanting country is a whole perfect package for vacationers exploring Alpine landscapes. 

Its dream-like landscapes with fresh mountain air and idyllic scenery, picture-perfect grasslands and meadows under the bright skies, culturally sophisticated pretty villages to magnificent cities, breathtakingly eye-catching baroque architecture and quirky modern art galleries etc makes this a perfect vacation destination for visitors from all over the world.! Here’s a look at some of the best places to visit in Austria.

1. Vienna


Vienna, the Austrian capital, the most closely associated city with the Austrians for many years, has never failed to attract tourists being one of Austria’s most popular destinations. Although Vienna is a city with the modern vibe, its tradition has never failed to stay remained throughout this wonderful city full of enthusiasm. 

This beautiful city is an ideal destination for music, art and architecture enthusiasts. As you take a walk throughout the city, you’ll see many stunning historically valuable places that overlook the beauty of this dynamic city such as street theatres, grand imperial palaces, stunning museums, opera houses, gothic cathedrals, and so on. 

You can enjoy a lovely coffee or finest wines at the cafes in Vienna, for a chilled-out evening while listening to the city’s varied musical culture. Never forget to attend a Mozart Concert to experience very elegant and cultured Austrian musical night here, that has a musical heritage like no other countries. Also take a ride the Hop On Hop Off bus, experiencing Indulge in a culinary are few others things you can do here. Try visiting the Schönbrunn Palace, Rathaus Vienna, Vienna Opera Ball at Wiener Staatsoper, Hofburg Imperial Palace, St. Stephen’s cathedral on your tour to this buzzing town.

Best time to visit : Any time of the year, but April-May, September-October are ideal.

Budget : $142 per day on your tour to Vienna.

best places to visit in Austria

2. Salzburg 


Being one of the most beautiful cities in central Austria, Salzburg is definitely the place for music lovers, where the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart took place in and Sound of Music, which is the primary reason many travel to this destination, being inspired of such unforgettable music. Salzburg celebrates its title by allowing visitors to the house, where Mozart was born and holding various exhibitions. Stretching along the banks of the Salzach River, this historic city is the fourth largest city in Austria. 

With its majestic historical buildings, hill-topped medieval fortresses, museums, exceptional galleries, rich array of restaurants, picturesque Altstadt old town and breath-taking Alpine scenery, this charming city always seems to live up to the expectations of visitors, topping the list of top places to visit in Austria. The old city of Aldsten, mentioned above, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its magnificent Baroque buildings and the last fortified palace in Europe is the Hohensalzberg Fortress. 

Sound of Music tour, observe the wonderful baroque architecture, the town hall and the main Salzburg Cathedral while wandering around the old town, Wander down Getreidgasse, going for a Mozart Dinner Concert at Baroque Hall of St Peter`s Abbey, Hellbrunn Palace and Nonnberg Abbey are few of the highlights you must not ever miss on your tour to Austria.

Best time to visit : from September to October are the ideal months to make a visit to this place.

Budget : $134 per day on your tour to Salzburg.

best places to visit in Austria

3. Salzkammergut 


The Salzkammergut is a dramatic region of alpine that offers shimmering blue lakes (76 in all together), deeply carved valleys, charming villages, rolling hills and rugged, steep mountain ranges rising to almost 3000m and luxurious spa towns to those who visit the town. This is a whole package of stunning natural creations like lakes and mountains. 

Located in Lake Hollstatt, surrounded by large mountain tops that offers great hiking experience, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Austria. Tourists who have seen the film ‘The Sound of Music’ will know what this lake area looks like, because the film was shot in and around Salzburg and the neighbouring area of Salzkammergut. 

So The fascinating lake towns of St. Wolfgang, Mondsee and the mind-blowing St. Hollstatt that set amidst some stunning scenery, are well worth a visit. In addition, Mirabell Palace, Fortress Hohenzsalzburg, spa town of Bad Ischl, explore the Dachstein Ice Caves at Obertrau, underground salt lake Salzwelten or go paragliding at Mt. Krippenstein are highly recommended to make a visit.

Best time to visit : In during the months of September to October are ideal to visit Salzkammergut.

Budget : $90 per person per day on your tour to Salzkammergut.

best places to visit in Austria

4. Innsbruck


Innsbruck, commonly known as the city of picture-postcards, is nestled in the beautiful Alps laying on the banks of the Inn River,
in the backdrop of the most imaginative visually arresting settings in Austria, worths a visit in your lifetime. Innsbruck, also known as the ‘Capital of the Alps’, is a perfect place with the snow-topped mountains, tall colourful buildings, brilliant hiking trails, gorgeous meadows, mountain top cable cars that offers panoramic views around the city for visitors those who love to explore, skiing, bungee jumping, as well as hiking. 

If you visit here during the winter, you can enjoy a full winter sports package, especially if you’re an adventure enthusiast. While the idyllic alpine town surrounded by lofty mountains with awe-inspiring scenery, and landscapes are what many people come for, the city itself offers an intriguing blend of history, culture, and architecture, that makes your stay worthwhile and shows that this is a perfect destination for all seasons but not just for winter. Some other sites that might catch your attention are Ambras Castle, Nordkette Mountain Range, Tyrol Panorama, the Folk Art Museum, Lake Achensee and the Court Church.

Best time to visit : December to April are counted as the ideal months to visit this beautiful destination.

Budget : $105 per person per day on your tour to Innsbruck.

best places to visit in Austria

5. Zell Am See

Zell Am See

Zell Am See, is a beautiful historically valuable lakeside town, tucked away in an idyllic valley among the pristine Kitzbuhel Alps. Due to its stunning setting being set on the shores of a vividly blue lake, this has become a very popular tourist destination in Austria for many years. So Every year, over a million visitors from around the world, visit Zell am See to witness amazingly picture-perfect settings and discover fun adventures. 

Some of the most invigorating experiences worth giving a try in this enchanting alpine town are, cycling along the dreamy lake, dive or swim into the impossibly blue waters of it, drive up high on the Grossglockner Road as well as hiking, snowboarding and skiing in the marvellous mountains as much as you wish for. Although it’s small, when the blue of the sky is reflected in such a crystal clear lake, it’s so hard for nature lovers to not fall in love with this piece of Austria’s beauty, that’s well-worth exploring at any time of year.

Some other places where you can soak in the scenic beauty here are the Romanesque St. Hippolyte’s Church, the towering Mount Grossglockner (the tallest mountain in Austria), St Hippolyte’s Church, Schmittenhöhe, Tauern Spa Straße and etc. Don’t forget to add this beautiful place to your itinerary if you are visiting Austria in summer.

Best time to visit : June to August are the ideal months to visit where you’re most likely to experience good weather.

Budget : $100 per person per day on your tour to Zell Am See.


Best places to visit in Austria

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