Beautiful Places in South Korea

beautiful places in south Korea

South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea (Daehan Minguk) is a stunningly beautiful peninsula that offers dazzling range of new travel experiences for visitors, which located in Southeast Asia, sharing a land border with North Korea. About half of the country’s 51 million people live in the modern capital, Seoul which is also the 5th largest metropolitan area in the world. South Korea is basically a safe country to visit with the warmest hospitality toward foreigners. South Korea is well-known for its globally influenced trendy K-POP and K-Drama culture which is commonly referred to as the K-Wave and amazingly well-preserved Korean tradition. beautiful places in south Korea.

beautiful places in south korea This country is literally a highly developed country with having the world’s 10th largest economy by nominal GDP and the fastest internet speed to be existed in the world. The country’s tourism industry is growing steadily, and in 2019, South Korea recorded 17.5 million tourist arrivals. 

Yet the country has so much more to offer for travelers from all around the world. 99.5% of country’s land area of 100,210 km² with sandy sparkling beaches, charming countryside, emerald green rice paddies, flowery landscapes, old historic monuments with stunning sites, ancient Buddhist temples, rocky mountains and awe-inspiring scenic beauty prove that this country is worth a visit at least once in your lifetime. You’ll start to get wondered how incredibly diverse this country itself is.

Take a look below at the most beautiful places in South Korea to add to your travel bucket list!.

1. Seoul


The Dazzling city of Seoul is the capital of South Korea. Seoul is one of the famous and major destinations to visit in South Korea and one of the East Asia’s financial and cultural epicenters. This vibrant city’s population is totaling over 25.6 million making it the largest city in the country.

This is a charming city which is a combination of modern architecture, Korean pop culture, scenic gardens, gorgeous public parks to hangout, chic restaurants, stylish boutiques, beautiful places in South Korea.

seoul serene Buddhist temples and shrines and cultural historical monuments and sites. Seoul itself is very ideal for Nightlife and shopping as well. There are over thousands of restaurants that offer you some of the best cuisine in all of Asia.

When the weather is mild during the months of March to May and September to November, many people tend to visit South Korea and observe its gorgeous sceneries.

As there is literally no end to the attractions through out the city, now let’s find out what are the key attractions here are~ 

1. Changdeokgung Palace – A UNESCO World Heritage Site, a well-preserved palace complex built-in 15th century

2. Gyeongbokgung Palace – One of the largest and a remarkable grand palace complex built-in during the Joseon dynasty by King Taejo

3. N Seoul Tower – As many knows Namsan Tower is a great place to enjoy panoramic views of Seoul from its observatory

4. Lotte World – This is an amusement park which is one of the largest in the world offering you thrilling rides, lively parades, laser shows in sky and many more memorable experiences

5. Myeongdong Market – If you plan to do shopping this place is highly recommended during your stay in the capital

6. Bukchon Hanok Village – Known as the Seoul’s most beautiful historical district, this houses hundreds of traditional korean houses, that are worth a visit

7. Deoksu-gung – Meaning Palace of Virtuous Longevity, one of the 5 grand places in Seoul, built-in Joseon dynasty

8. Bukhansan National park – Lovely park/mountain for hiking lovers with lots of rocks! Totally worth to spend a day there with your family

9. Olympic Park & Stadium – Built in 1988 to host Summer Olympics in Korea. A pleasant park more beautiful during spring or autumn to walk and enjoy with family for breathtaking views, amazing art and installations and stunning place to rest up

10. Jongmyo Shrine – A Confucian royal shrine, also later named a UNESCO World Heritage Site built-in during Joseon dynasty. Interesting cultural festivals take place in this historic site almost in every year.

There are so much more to explore in this city of Seoul. By the time you’ll notice that this picturesque city is not just a buzzing urban hub but also rich in history and culture..!

Budget : around $100 per day

Best time to visit : Spring and fall are by far the best times recommended to visit Seoul.

2. Gyeongju


Gyeongju which is often referred to as “the museum without walls” and formerly known in the history as Seorabeol is a coastal city in North Gyeongsang Province in South Korea. This is the 2nd largest city in the Provice by its area of 1,324 km². 

This was also the capital of ancient kingdom of Silla from the 7th to the 9th centuries, making the city more than 2000 years old. This is one of the most popular, beautiful and highly recommended places to visit in South Korea and rich of many major historical and archeological sites, if you’re fond of natural scenery, Korean culture and history. beautiful places in South Korea.

Gyeongju By stretching back over a thousands years in Gyeongju, you’ll find old tombs, ancient Buddhist temples, burial mounds, and rock carvings, a plethora of relics etc to explore. Gyeongju National Museum is also a must see on your visit to Gyeongju. If you’re not much interested in history based things you can directly pop along to the Gyeongju National Park for stunning landscapes and scenic views. 

No need to worry about transportation here as Gyeongju’s public transport network allows visitors including foreigners to go just anywhere within the city by using local and tourist buses, taxis and bicycles. It is recommended to visit Gyeongju during the months of April, May and June due to the pleasant weather conditions of those months. But if you wish to swim, July and August are the hottest. 
Most importantly, this place being a less crowded one, will impress you the most on visiting Gyeongju!.

So, we have compiled a list of most beautiful and interesting places to visit in Gyeongju..

1. Bulguksa temple – A UNESCO World Heritage Site, an absolute masterpiece of Buddhist Art & architecture dating back to the 8th century of the Silla Kingdom

2. Wolji pond – A historical site, formerly known as Anapji, which is also a part of the Gyeongju National Park created by King Munmu back in 674 AD in Silla era, is one of the top attractions in the city. Recommend visiting during the evening as reflections on the pond of Donggung Palace are mesmerizing

3. Seokguram Grotto – A Buddhist stone temple on Mount Toham, completed in 774 AD is nation’s one of the most important historical, culturally valuable religions site which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site at the same time

4. Cheomseongdae Observatory – Meaning ‘the star-gazing tower’ in Korean, built-in 632 AD, is identified obviously as the oldest surviving astronomical observatory. For those interested in astronomy, this place is a must-see

5. Cheonmachong Tomb – Meaning ‘the Sky horse tomb’ is believed to be built back in 5th century in the style of Silla located at the Daereungwon Tomb Complex in Gyeongju. Recommended for those who have an interest in korean royalty and history

6. Gyeongju National Park & Museum – Established back in 1968 Gyeongju National park offers you lots a gorgeous historically important and unique landscapes, breathtaking sceneries and even fabulous hikes! Gyeongju Museum is a great place explore on civilisations in Korea and Silla Kingdom and more

7. Yangdong Folk Village – This place is home for old beautiful Joseon Era houses and buildings that offer a stunning array of beauty by setting in a verdant valley

8. Daereungwon Burial Mound – You’ll get amazed by how peaceful, clean, quite and beautiful this place is and the exotic and traditional views that Daereungwon Burial Mound complex has to offer. Tombs exhibit here date back to the times of Kingdom of Silla

9. Poseokjeongji Pavilion – a place used to be a royal villa where Silla kings would gather up with their nobles and
believed to be built with 63 different types rocks. The royal villa does exist no more but only the granite water feature remains

10. Bomun Lake Resort – A picturesque and peaceful man-made Lake surrounded by fancy hotels, shops, and restaurants is worth checking out at anytime of the year

With all the cultural and historical richness of the region, Gyeongju is one of the most beautiful places in South Korea to visit for both locals and foreigners.

Budget : around $60 – $100 per day

Best time to visit : Gyeongju’s Spring in during March – May is recommended as the best time visit because of the pleasant climate but mid-October is known as the cheapest time to visit

3. Jeju


Jeju Island, also known as the “Island of the Gods” is the largest island located in Jeju province, off the southern coast of South Korea. The Jeju Island is the place where it contains the UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes. This is also a subtropical holiday destination is also known as one of the top romantic, honeymoon destinations in South Korea. Jeju, the country’s only Special Autonomous Province is famous for sparkling beaches, delicious seafood, lush green scenery, lava tubes, various amusement parks and etc. beautiful places in South Korea.

Jeju Once you’re here, you can get acquainted with the local culture and connect with the locals so well! This island is considered sub tropical, even in winter the temperature rarely falls below 0 °C. You can enjoy perfectly breezy and slightly cool weather in during summer. It is often recommended as the best time to visit Jeju between late spring and late fall. 

Three days is enough to visit the must-see places on the island and when traveling from one place to another in Jeju island you can use public transportation without having any doubt. 

This is literally a wonder of nature! Let’s explore what are the top most beautiful places to visit on your tour to Jeju Island..

1. Mount Hallasan – Korea’s highest mountain located in the central of Jeju Island and the Hallasan dormant volcano listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

2. Cheonjeyeon Waterfall – Also known as the Pond of God, this Cheonjeyeon Waterfall produces 3 waterfalls by splitting into 3 parts and then water eventually flows into the sea

3. Seonimgyo Bridge – A remarkable bridge built over Cheonjeyeon Waterfall with having 7 nymphs carved on both sides of the bridge ( carvings symbolize the seven beautiful and legendary nymphs that would descend from heaven at night )

4. Jeju Folk Village Museum – more than 100 traditional houses and 8000 folk artifacts shows and give us an idea of how 19th century Koreans used lived

5. Seongsan Ilchulbong – A UNESCO World Heritage Site, also known as the Sunrise Peak is an actual extinct volcano

6. Jeongbang Falls – One of the famous waterfalls in Jeju Island as this is the one and only waterfall in Asia to fall directly into the Ocean

7. Manjanggul Cave – This is one of the finest and longest lava tunnels in the world, formed more than 2.5M years ago, which has now been declared as A UNESCO World Heritage Site

8. Jungmun Beach – with the finest sand on the beach, Jungmun Beach is one of the most popular surfing spots in Jeju Island of korean Surfing enthusiasts. Jeju International Surfing Competition is held here

Exotic Jeju Island is truly a special travel experience for those who are Oceanholic and nature lovers..!

Budget : $70 per day on your vacation to Jeju Island

Best time to visit : in during months of April to June in the end of spring and from September to October. Be sure to have your seasonal clothing ready as the weather can be hot and cold from time to time.

4. Suwon


Suwon traditionally known as the “The City of Filial Piety”, the capital of Gyeonggi province is located in the northwest of the country just 20 miles outside of Seoul. Even though there are so many noticable attractions here, Suwon is often skipped over by travelers. But once you visit, we’re certain that you’ll start to love the city starting from that particular point. 

Suwon houses so many historically vital places and UNESCO World Heritage listed fortifications are still at its heart. The best way to reach Suwon is by train at an affordable fare to reach the destination in the shortest possible time. Many tourists go to Suwon because they are too eager to explore the Hwaseong Fortress. It is less than 3 min walk from Suwon Station. Just like this, there’s much more to learn and explore at Suwon. beautiful places in South Korea.

suwon Suwon has a very pleasant climate when compared to other tourist attractions around the world. This is generally a safe place to visit. If you prefer the city being more crowded, then travel to the city in spring is recommended. But If you’re looking for warmest months with less crowd to visit, then June to August is the best time to visit in the summer.
Now let’s explore the most beautiful places in the city of Suwon that are worth visiting..

1. Hwaseong Fortress – A UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back to Joseon era buildings. Annual Suwon cultural festival take place in here as well

2. Paldalmun Gate – Also known as the Nammun gate, located in the south of Hwaseong Fortress. This historic landmark is well-maintained by korean government and is open to tourists

3. Haenggung Palace – A historical landmark in Suwon, South Korea

4. Hwahongmun Gate (Buksumun) – a beautiful place built over the Suwon River where you can see architectural beauty of the Joseon Dynasty and looks glittering during night

5. Yeonmudae (Dongjandae) – On the north-eastern corner of the Hwaseong Fortress, you can experience this old soldier training ground

6. Suwon Hwaseong Museum – This museum tells you all about what you need to on Hwaseong Fortress and give you an extensive knowledge of the Joseon Dynasty.

7. Samsung Innovation Museum – Samsung Electronics was founded in 1969 and continues to have their headquarters there. More over the history of electronics industry and devices can be viewed here

8. Korean Folf Village – A complete village complex where you can learn about Korean history and culture of the late Joseon era. You can have a bite of korean rice cakes while watching some amazing traditional performances here

9. Yungneung and Geolleung – two tombs dating back to Joseon synasty, have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site

10. Yeongdong Market & Jidong Market – Korea’s one of only market complex established in 220 years before

Make sure to add this top attraction in South Korea to your travel bucket list..!

Budget : around $80 – $100 per a day

Best time to visit : in during months of April, May, June as the weather is pleasant being neither too warm nor too cold

5. Busan


Busan is a large port city in South Korea, best known due to its location, sitting on the southeastern edge of the country’s main island. It is the second most populous with over 3.4 millions inhabitants in the entire city after Seoul. Busan is one of the perfect places to visit, if you want to embrace from South Korea’s boasting spectacular beaches, dazzling mountains, steaming hot springs to historic temples and monuments. Busan is truly a gem of a city by being very charming and scenic towards the tourists. This city also offers deliciously cooked fresh seafood, and to-die-for street food for its all visitors. beautiful places in South Korea.

busan With so many beaches all around the city, it’s easy to find a good spot to watch the setting of sun over the city! The annual Busan International Film Festival is held every October each year and it will also be an exciting experience for Busan tourists. You can make your arrival to Busan quicker by taking a Train to Busan. As Busan is so large and spread out, it can take up to 2 – 3 days to complete visiting major attractions of the city. 

The temperatures feel nice around most of the time of a year so it can be vary from person to person when is the best to visit the city! Although July to September are the hottest months of the year, you can enjoy outdoor activities and nightlife by the beachside in Busan. If you wish to avoid the crowds, then we recommend a visit in early April. This is the mid of Spring when you can sit by beach enjoy the scenery. During Autumn as the weather is so soothing and calm, you can go on evening hikes, biking and do jogging around the city. 

Now, let’s take a journey through 10 of the most beautiful places in Busan that are worth visiting..!

1. Haeundae Beach – An urban, one of the most popular beaches in Busan for its nightlife and lively atmosphere

2. Gamcheon Culture Village – Another picturesque tourist attraction, with vibrant colours and known for its layered streets, painted murals, shops & cafes

3. Sea Life Busan Aquarium – An amazing place to observe the sea animals. A god place to take photographs and bring small kids

4. Haedong Yonggungsa – one of the most Impressive seaside Buddhist temples, built-in 1376, in Busan, South Korea. The temple being along the shore line adds a different vibe to it. On New year’s day locals come to this place to make a wish.

5. Taejong Dae – An Elevated park with a seaside observatory in Busan to enjoy beautiful stunning views of the sea, while walking around its well-maintained paths

6. Jagalchi Fish Market – A remarkable landmark on every travelers bucket list, for fresh fish & seafood to take away or eat at the informal stalls. Definitely a must for seafood lovers

7. Nampodong Market – Simply an amazing place (streets) to explore on shopping on your visit to Busan

8. Gwangalli Beach – Gwangalli Beach or known as Gwangan Beach is a relatively smaller and less crowded beach. During the summer, various festivals such as the Busan Sea Festival and the Cherry Tree Festival take place here and many youngsters come to this place to enjoy water sports such as water skiing, jet skiing and wind surfing and to enjoy fresh seafood

9. Gwangan Bridge – Gwangandaegyo or Diamond Bridge stretching over 7.4km is a suspension bridge located in Busan, South Korea which is best to be viewed at night.

Be sure to add this sparkling city of Busan to your travel bucket list!

Budget : $55 per day

Best time to visit : In during the months of May, June, July and in September.

beautiful places in South Korea

Make sure to add these 5 amazing most beautiful places in South Korea to your next tour to East Asia and enjoy it to the fullest! –

Safe travel~ 

beautiful places in South Korea

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